High Temperature Labels

Durable Heat & Solvent Resistant Barcode Labeling

PCBPrinted circuit boards and other high heat production processes place special demands on barcode labels. For example, some companies label circuit boards after soldering, but most prefer to track their complete production process with applied labels before high temperature soldering.

Need some samples?Our polyimide (aka Kapton®) and other durable, yet cost-effective labels will withstand all rigorous manufacturing processes including soldering, galvanization, and cleaning, ranging as high as 1000°F (537°C) for some of our materials.

Resources & Other Types of Labels for Electronics Manufacturing:

Bar code labels are critical to customers’ operations where essential production is occurring. That makes reliability, consistent product quality and conformance to quality standards the top priority. Support provided by EIM is unmatched in the bar code label industry; we do thorough production planning to avoid emergencies. During start-up of customer facilities we provide rapid 24-hour response to difficult situations.

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