Industrial & Manufacturing Label Materials

Need some samples?Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. offers a wide range of blank or pre-printed labels designed for manufacturing and industrial applications. We can die-cut labels to any size you need and we can provide quantities as low as 100 to hundreds-of-thousands. Since durable label applications can substantially vary, we suggest you Contact Our Label Experts with your specific requirements so that we can send free samples of the best products to test.

Labels for Thermal Transfer Printers

Thermal Transfer Paper This economical matte white paper has an aggressive adhesive for applications such as inventory, packaging and shipping labels. Recommended Printing Ribbon: T38/T39 Wax.
Thermal Transfer Plastic This is an all-purpose plastic, both durable and strong. Offering excellent print quality, it comes with an all-temperature adhesive that works on low-energy plastics, painted metal, fiber drums and textured surfaces. Suitable for asset tracking, product marking, drum labels, warehouse bin and rack labels. Recommended Printing Ribbons: T68/T69 or T96/T97 Resin.
Freez-R-Mark™ Plastic This material is designed to survive a deep freeze and comes with an aggressive “freezer” adhesive that bonds to flexible packaging and corrugated. It will even adhere to surfaces with frost build-up. Recommended Printing Ribbon T96/T97 Resin.
347 White Plastic Ideal for very low temperatures and difficult surface conditions this product has a high tack, aggressive adhesive that works well on a wide variety of hard-to-adhere-to substrates like rough, textured finishes. It is not recommended for water submersion or long term outdoor exposure. Recommended Printing Ribbons: T96/T97, T68/T69, T80/T81 Resin, T44 Wax Resin.
Thermal Transfer Polyester This material has an aggressive, permanent adhesive making it a good product when you need moisture resistance, scratch and tear resistance. Applications include instrument marking, outdoor labels, asset tracking, post-solder circuit board marking. Tested for autoclave pressure wash up to 50°C. UL Recognized for indoor/outdoor use. Recommended Printing Ribbons: T80/T81 or T96/T97 Resin.
640 White Industrial-Grade Polyester Designed for harsh environments and temperature extremes, this product is solvent, smudge and abrasion resistant. Its high-performance aggressive adhesive is suited for textured surfaces. Rated for 2-year outdoor life. Recommended Printing Ribbons: T96/T97 or T84H/T85 Resin.
Chemical-Resistant Polyester Labels This is an exceptional material with a unique adhesive designed to handle tough applications such as laboratory labels, drum labels, long-term out-door labels, part tracking and post-solder circuit board marking. Recommended Printing Ribbon: T84H/T85 Resin.
EnduraLabel Polyester This high performance “Industrial Strength” polyester comes with a superior adhesive that aggressively bonds to rough, highly textured substrates, oily and greasy surfaces and low-surface energy plastics. It is ideal for the harsh conditions of manufacturing, construction, and automotive work where labels are needed for tools and equipment or storage containers like drums and stocking bins. EnduraLabels do not require a lot of surface pre-cleaning. NOTE: Due to its thick adhesive, we do not offer this product on 1″ cores but an External Media Dispenser can be used. Recommended Printing Ribbons: T96/T97 or T80/T81 Resin.
322 Semi-Gloss Silver Polyester This general-purpose metalic material provides excellent scratch and water resistance. Its permanent adhesive makes it ideal for equipment and product marking, rating plates, asset & property labels plus a variety of industrial uses. UL Recognized when printed with our T80/T81 or T84H/T85 Resin ribbons.
622 Silver Industrial-Grade Polyester This product offers similar performance to our 640 White Polyester but comes with a matte silver finish that makes barcode scanning easy. Recommended Printing Ribbons: T96/T97 or T84H/T85 Resin.
Retro-Reflective Polyester Labels This is a durable reflective film specifically engineered for long-distance barcode scanning in warehouses. It prints best in full-size printers that use 3″ cores. (For easy barcode scanning, see our Symbol LS3578-ER Cordless Long-Range Scanner.) Recommended Printing Ribbon: T68/T69 Resin.

Labels for Laser Printers

Polyester Cable Labels This industrial-quality laser and inkjet printable film comes with a white print area.  It is designed for you to wrap the clear part around the wire and back over the printed area to protect it. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications as well as hazardous environments, these are stocked in a wide variety of cable label and wire marker sizes.

Preprinted Labels & Tags

 Anodized Aluminum Tags
These are the very best solution for extreme conditions where labels may be exposed to weathering, heat up to 1200°F, harsh chemicals, solvents, and moisture. Available 3.0 to 12.5 mils thick, they come preprinted in one or more colors and have an aggressive pressure-sensitive adhesive or mounting holes for screws or rivets.  Designed to handle 20 to 30 years of use.
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