Label & Tag Materials for Lumber & Wood Products

Need some samples?Lumber labels encompass a wide variety of materials suitable for not only stock-yard labeling but also furniture or cabinet making and garden nursery applications. We show some of our most popular label and tag materials here, with many of them coming in stock sizes, ready to ship. We have many other wood label products available and can make them to any size you want, so if you want FREE SAMPLES or can’t find exactly what you are looking for, please Contact Our Label Experts.

Labels for Direct Thermal Printers

209 These medium-sensitivity Paper Labels have a cleanly removable adhesive. This is a good choice for furniture and cabinet making.
Direct Thermal Paper These affordable Paper Labels are appropriate for general purpose label applications.
Direct Thermal Polyester These Synthetic Labels offer better durability, longer-lasting print and resistance to abrasion, moisture and chemicals.

Labels & Tags for Thermal Transfer Printers

Thermal Transfer Paper Matte Paper Labels provide excellent print quality. Their permanent adhesive is aggressive and is suitable for a wide variety of applications. Recommended Printing Ribbon: T38/T39 Wax.
Thermal Transfer Plastic Economical Plastic Labels offer resistance to water and smudging. They are flexible and well-suited for applications where durability, strength and easy printing are important. They have an all-temperature adhesive with high initial tack for low-surface energy plastics, painted metal, fiber drums and textured surfaces. Outdoor durable for 3 to 6 months depending on climate conditions. Recommended Printing Ribbons: T68/T69 or T96/T97 Resins.
654 Removable Plastic Labels have a cleanly removable adhesive for wood, plastic and painted metal. They will not tear unless an edge is nicked. Recommended Printing Ribbon: T68 Resin.
429/428 Economical Plastic Tags meet the requirements of many wood processing applications. Tear resistant and flexible, they hold up to stapling and punching. – choose 429 White or 428 Yellow. Suitable for short-term outdoor use. Recommended Printing Ribbons: T96/T97 or T84H/T95 Resin.
430 Gloss Plastic Tags are designed to last in the toughest environments. Typical uses include long-term outside storage and high-temperature kilns. Available in a popular stock size for immediate shipment or custom-made. Recommended Printing Ribbons: T96/T97 or T84H/T85 Resin. 
435 Synthetic Tags for horticultural and forestry applications. Look like paper, print better than many plastics. Water, grease, oil, and chemical resistant plus UV resistant up to 1 ½ years. Recommended Printing Ribbons: T96/T97 or T84H/T85 Resin.
437 Synthetic Tags are flexible and strong, yet light weight with excellent tear and puncture resistance making them ideal for tamper-evidence. Also resistant to oil and many chemicals. Recommended Printing Ribbons: T96/T97 or T68/T69 Resin.
738 This thick plastic label has a unique adhesive that will permanently bond to all types of surfaces including metal, glass, hard plastic, and some papers, yet will easily come off to be used over and over. Will even work on wax candles, textured PVC and Teflon.
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