Drum & Barrel Label Materials

Need some samples?Drums used to store large quantities of hazardous materials like chemicals, pharmaceuticals, explosives, petroleum, etc. must comply with labeling standards established by organizations like the EPA, OSHA, and the DOT. Drum Labels must be permanently applied and handle the harshest of transport and storage abuse. If hazardous chemicals are transported by marine shipments, drum labels must now comply with guidelines such as British Standards BS5609 for weather and salt water immersion.

Product Description Minimum Application Temp Temp Range Outdoor Durable Depending on climate & exposure conditions


Gloss White Polyester
(Thermal Transfer)

Use T84 or T68 Resin Printing Ribbon

A specially engineered industrial film with excellent chemical & solvent resistance has a high performance adhesive. Excellent print results & durability with B&W or color. *Works on textured, rounded surfaces, HSE & LSE plastics, powder coatings, slightly oily metals. RoHS, REACH & BS5609, Section 2 Compliant 50°F (10°C) -40°F to 300°F (-40°C to 149°C) Not rated, but should handle up to two years


Matte White Vinyl (Thermal Transfer)

Use T68 Resin Printing Ribbon

A flexible outdoor durable film with good abrasion & water resistance, this is perfect for UV inkjet color preprints on GHS labels.*Bonds well to plastic, metal, powder coated paint, fiberglass & is good for product identification, safety & compliance labels RoHS & REACH Compliant 50°F (10°C) -40°F to 176°F   (-40°C to 80°C) 2 to 5 years


Matte White Polypropylene (Thermal Transfer)

Use T68 or T96 Resin Printing Ribbon

A good cost alternative for outdoor applications, this is durable & strong & offers superior print quality including color GHS preprints. It has a premium all-temp drum adhesive with high initial tack. *For LSE plastics, painted metal, fiber drums & textured surfaces, it works on warehouse racks, asset labels, product marking, & drum labeling. RoHS, REACH & BS5609, Section 2 Compliant  -10°F (23°C)  -65°F to 200°F  (-54°C to 93°C)  2 years

* Note: For extra protection, a clear overlaminate can be added to our thermal transfer materials.

Electronic Imaging Materials strongly encourages the end-user to do thorough testing of all label products under consideration to make sure they will meet their application requirements.

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