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White barcoded chemical defense label, affixed to a rough metal surface

Chemical Resistant Labels

ChemDefend Chemical Resistant Labels product logo

Thought printing durable chemical resistant labels on-demand was impossible? Does alcohol, gasoline and acetone keep destroying your printed labels? Are you constantly ordering pre-printed labels with overlaminates?

Introducing ChemDefend–Heavy duty chemical resistant labels that you can print on-demand.

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Tested Resistance Against Many Harsh Chemicals:

bullet Bleach
bullet Brake Fluid
bullet Denatured Alcohol
bullet Gasoline/Diesel
bullet Acetone*

*Improved resistance over other alternatives

bullet Isopropyl Alcohol
bullet MEK
bullet Mineral Spirits
bullet Penetrating Oil
bullet Xylene*
NO Laminating
NO Extra Steps
NO Hassle

NOTE: Must use T66 chemical resistant resin ribbon to achieve best chemical resistance.

bullet Available in white or silver
bullet Custom printed or blanks available
bullet Full color, graphics, barcoding or simple text options
bullet Customizable size and shape

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