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Automobile engine

OEM Part & Automotive Labels

Tackle tough conditions & surfaces with identification for under-the-hood, interior or exterior components.

multiple labeling options for car manufacturing

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Engines Get Grimy—Automotive Labels Will Too

Automotive labels carry invaluable information: they must remain intact. Labels are printed with premium ribbon material can be protected under a thick layer of overcoat laminate for ultimate immunity.

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Protected, Permanent Prints

Labels in industrial environments are no strangers to all the conditions a car must endure. You need labels that will stay put! Our industrial strength adhesives work with a variety of surfaces under difficult conditions, such as weather, grime, oil, chemicals & solvents.

bullet  Survives high exposure to oils & gas
bullet  Battery labels
bullet  Custom printed or blanks available
bullet  Full color, graphics, barcoding or simple text options
bullet  Customizable size and shape
bullet  We work with automotive part manufacturers to meet strict requirements, such as UL or UID.


Label Material Description
629 EnduraLabel Good for: Under-the-Hood Parts, Undercarriage, Oily Surfaces, LSE Plastics. 2.0 mil Silver Polyester is a premium product, utilizing a special adhesive technology that is designed primarily for rough or low surface energy plastic surfaces used in the automotive industry.View Spec Sheet
Also available in White – 628

White Plastic

Good for: Battery Casing 2.6 mil PP can withstand the rigors of heat, chemicals & moisture in most applications. View Spec Sheet
Good for: Rims, Undercarriage 3 mil Clear Durable Lexan Laminate on polyester EnduraLabel. View Spec Sheet
5 mil Ultra-Durable Laminate also available
Good for: Windows, Vehicle ID 1 mil Clear UV Laminate on polyester EnduraLabel, a clear UV blocking PET with good strength, dimensional stability & excellent chemical resistance with high clarity. UV blocker is added to reduce UV tranmission rate.
Good for: Door Jambs, Refurbished Parts, Warranty Work, Vehicle ID 2.0 mil white void, this tamper-evident polyester has an ultra-smooth topcoat for fine resolution printing. When attempting to remove this label, its patterned, aggressive adhesive leaves behind a distinct and highly visible “VOID” message. View Spec Sheet
Also available in Silver – 521
Good for: Tires, Carpet Backing. 4.0 mil white plastic specially engineered to be receptive to a variety of thermal transfer ribbons. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The adhesive is a highly aggressive and provides excellent performance on difficult-to-label substrates, such as tires, wood and carpet backing. View Spec Sheet


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