4.00″ x 6.00″ High Temp Lumber Kiln Tags, 700/roll, 3″ Core


Tag with hang hole, Wound Face OUT for Full-size Thermal Transfer printers.

Recommended Printing Ribbons: T96 or T84H Resin

1 - 3$197.00
4 - 7$188.00
8 - 11$185.00
12 - 15$178.75
16 - 23$172.65
24 - 47$158.30
48 + $147.60


Gloss High Temperature Tags are made of specially-engineered rigid 7.5 mil plastic to work in both indoor and outdoor applications where high-quality, durable barcodes are required. They will not only handle temperature extremes but also harsh conditions with chemical and solvent exposure.  Typical uses include long-term outside storage, lumber kiln tags, nursery and tree tags.

Service Temperature Range: -70°F to 300°F (-57°C to 149°C)

Expected Exterior Life:  Two Years *

Service Life: Due to the wide variety of possible tag applications and environmental conditions beyond our control, there is no warranty on service life once tags are put into use.

Recommended Printing Ribbons: T96 or T84H Resin


Additional information

Weight 6.56 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 8 x 5 in
Label Width

Label Height

Core Size


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