Variable Data Barcode Label Printing

Ask a real personElectronic Imaging Materials, Inc. specializes in providing print services for both simple and highly complex variable data bar code label printing. “Variable data” refers to text, barcodes and even graphics that are not produced in large quantities of single images. This printing concept applies to labels you may need numbered in sequential order or material taken from a database of random information. You will find many popular choices for variable barcode labels in our store or talk to our Label Experts about a custom solution.

Benefit from our digital printing expertise

By combining digital printing with variable images, we can make every label unique if that’s what you need. Using special label design programming, we can create high-quality full color labels, photo-quality pictures and illustrations as well as standard black-and-white bar codes. We can also move seamlessly from one setup to another without stopping for costly changeovers of print plates and inks.

Variable Data LabelsThere are different ways to print variable data. We do them all.

The most basic kind involves the sequential printing of either human readable numbers or barcodes.  Another form entails different versions of similar information – such as UPC labels needed for retail products. We can print a quantity of a single UPC code―perhaps with a graphic image of the product―then switch over “on the fly” and print a different UPC with a different image. The most complex type of variable printing may be used for applications such as warehouse rack labels. Here the customer needs to place their labels in a special sequence to avoid time-consuming movement going up and down the racks and rows. They simply supply us with a database of seemingly random numbering and special instructions about color coding and directional arrows for particular warehouse sections.  We do the rest.

Got a challenge? Talk to us.

Our Label Experts can guide you through the entire process of selecting and setting up your variable data barcode printing, even helping you create your own database. We work with thermal transfer, laser, inkjet, and flexographic technologies to produce the best label solutions to meet your performance and budget needs. Our quality controls are rigid and we maintain thorough records from order to order, to assure you don’t receive duplicate labels or missing information.

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