Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: A Strategic Partner Case Study

Would you believe most companies that need a label provider don’t even know it? What do we mean by this? The benefits of reselling labels are abundant from added sales to offering a more complete product line, but we’ve encountered many companies that are in the dark about the whole system.

And guess what? We get it. Incorporating labeling solutions into your services can be a scary process – either because of the difficulty in finding a reliable label provider or from developing the expertise to offer good advice to your customers.

We sounded out one of our strategic partners that provides WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) software that incorporates a wide array of warehouse labels. Here is some feedback their company’s spokesperson and project coordinator provided:

For years prior to finding EIM, this warehouse systems provider was in serious need of a steady label partner. Their operations involve providing warehouses with inventory control methods and labels were an integral part of each installation. After everything is in place, a warehouse needs labels to track and report back to the newly-installed software system. He described having upwards of four different label providers that they would try recommending to their customers, but he couldn’t suggest any of them consistently without hesitation.
He also made it clear: they didn’t want anything to do with printing labels for their customers. With EIM, that goal became a reality. Whenever an installation is complete, they simply show the customer a sample binder of EIM materials and label designs and then recommend our services. The lack of hassle and time saved for them was the real deal clincher.
This was a case where a company did not want to resell labels but preferred to simply refer customers to a reliable label manufacturer that has solid industry expertise and high-quality products. For other distributors, integrators and label resellers, EIM offers our channel partners blind shipments, good prices, fast turnaround plus special services like label prototypes. Either way, we take the stress and headaches out of providing labels to your customers.
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