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Assortment of second hand clothes hung up with hangers

Consignment Tags – Second Hand Success

Assortment of second hand clothes with consignment tags hung up with hangers Consignment Tags for Second Hand Success

In a tough economy, consignment stores are become more and more popular. One of our customers has a new and rather unique online infant’s and children’s consignment storefront for busy parents. They offer apparel and toys that are either new or gently-used at reasonable prices for thrifty parents. Let’s face it―kids outgrow clothes (and toys) way too fast and it’s hard keeping up with their ever-changing needs. And this company needed consignment tags to keep track of things.

This store specifically uses our #429 White Plastic Tags that are often used for locations such as lumber yards and outdoor nurseries (not as in toddler). They buy barcode tickets printed by Electronic Imaging Materials with confidence that their tracking information will stay with their merchandise. The tags will not fade and since they are really tough, they cannot be ripped off or easily damaged. Most importantly, they can precisely track what is being bought and shipped with no hassle.

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