Customer Spotlight: School’s Out – No Time to Waste!

Colleges and universities work year round to keep up with a multitude of academic, facility, and student needs. No sooner than one class graduates, then they are preparing for the next school year – rearranging classrooms and study programs, doing repairs, ordering books, cleaning and a whole lot more. Before they know it, the next school year will begin and they have to be ready once again for the influx of students!

One of our higher education customers was ahead of the game this spring when they contacted us for extra tough labels to put on the door frames in all their residence halls, classrooms, student activity centers and maintenance buildings. These door frame labels will be used along with Super Durable Laminated Silver Polyester barcode labels we also provide them that are attached to furniture and equipment to keep track of all the school’s assets. They plan is to scan the door frame labels and then the individual items in each room to make sure their inventory records agree and if they don’t, then they can find out where certain items might have been moved.

Asset LabelsThe door frame labels had to be very rugged and come with an extra-strong adhesive to make it hard for bored or mischievous students trying to remove the labels. They chose our EnduraLabels that work especially well on a wood and metal surfaces and we added a protective over laminate to handle a lot of surface abuse.

Needless to say, labeling an entire school is no small task! They ordered about 15000 EnduraLabels with a special silver floodcoat that makes the labels look like the silver polyester labels they already use. (The difference is in the adhesive – the EnduraLabel adhesive is so thick and tacky it creates an unbelievably strong bond.)

All they had to do is provide us with 50 data files indicating how many labels they wanted for each building and room; in some cases there were 2 to 5 extra copies because some rooms have a lot of doorways. We printed their labels with the name of each building and a room number at the top of the label with a barcode and its human readable interpretation at the bottom. When we were done, their rolls of labels were clearly identified by building so they could be easily distributed. That’s a lot of doorways to label and we wanted to make it as simple as possible for them!

They also asked for an easy way to print their own labels as they expect they will eventually have to replace damaged or pilfered labels. We aimed them towards a new and affordable Zebra ZT220 tabletop printer that allows them to use full-size rolls of labels on 3” cores. (While a small, compact desktop model might have been sufficient, we cannot provide EnduraLabels™ on 1” cores because the adhesive tends to ooze and would potentially gum up the printing mechanism.) The buyers understand that labels they print themselves cannot be easily laminated, but that did not seem to be a problem for them. We also supplied then with a printing ribbon and a small quantity of blank, silver-tinted EnduraLabels™ to complete their back-up plan.

Fortunately, once you have an education asset tracking and property management system like this in place, you won’t have to print new labels very often. Barcode labels are fairly inexpensive and they certainly save time and assure more accuracy than any manual data entry program. Considering the fact that barcodes have been used in libraries for a long time now, it seems only natural to add them to other school property and it’s very easy to connect them to an entire school database.

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