Are QuickStart Printing Systems a Mystery?

Many label customers may not have even heard of such a concept. Electronic Imaging was the first label company to come up with the idea of bundling labels, printing ribbon, label software and printers together into our QuickStart Barcode Label Printing Systems several years ago. Our goal was to make things simple for our customers. We found that many people want to jump into printing quickly but have no idea what the necessary pieces are and which ones to choose. tscprinter_blogpicture

There are a lot of printers on the market, with different features and output capacities; many of them come packaged with basic start-up software. All of the printers we sell do and then it’s simply a matter of determining what you need for additional software features. There are also a few label suppliers that offer label “media kits” consisting of labels and printing ribbons.

We started by looking at our most popular label requests. Easing into this program, we introduced a limited range of label sizes and materials aimed at Asset, UPC, Laboratory and Warehouse label applications. We recently switched our QuickStart Systems to include the popular and more economical TSC printers and include BarTender® software options too, focusing on the theory that people new to printing may not need to print a lot of labels every day.


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