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Product Spotlight: Small but Going the Distance

Product Spotlight: Small but Going the Distance

Many people think that any product which is ‘Bluetooth enabled’ automatically makes it cooler than other products out there… and right now, we agree! Bluetooth capabilities among various products have enabled hands-free use in many situations, resulting in safer, more convenient ways to collect and share data.

Socket Bluetooth ScannerBluetooth simply transmits data over short distances from a fixed Bluetooth-enabled device, such as a Socket Bluetooth Cordless Scanner, to another device, such as a mobile phone. This creates your own personal network from which you can work safely – with high security assurance. Wireless and portable, Bluetooth is fairly easy to set up too. When it comes to installing certain electronic devices, you may feel like you need a college degree (or a young kid) just to figure out how to connect everything and get them working together properly! With Bluetooth, the device transmits a signal and when another device picks up on that signal you merely chose to connect to it.  Once the connection is made the device will stay connected to that signal until you turn it off or go out of range.

So you’re intrigued as to what this Socket Bluetooth Cordless Scanner is all about, aren’t you?! Well it’s a pretty great little barcode device… and by little, we only mean physically! It is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and is extremely light and portable. It’s comfortable to hold so you don’t get awkward hand cramps―like the ones you get when you hold certain phones while typing (you know the kind). But I digress… our little handheld Socket Scanner is always there for you with a long battery life that won’t disappoint! It easily integrates with many different applications on a wide variety of diverse mobile computing systems―that’s right―all your favorites will hook up to this great little scanner and work terrifically! From Mac and PC laptop computers to PDA’s like iPad tablets and iPod Touch, and on to smartphones such as Nokia, Palm, Blackberry, iPhone and Android-based phones like Motorola and Samsung – our Socket Bluetooth Cordless Scanner doesn’t discriminate!

Oh wait, it gets better―believe it or not! With the data storage application of your choice, no custom programming is needed! Isn’t that amazing? Go ahead, let out the sigh of relief. That’s simply because this barcode scanner will enter data into any application, eliminating manual entry with automatic functions! It also has what’s called a ‘floating trigger’ which lets you conveniently tap an on-screen icon to trigger the scanner! Cool, huh? You can also scan a wide array of barcode types from 1-D to 2-D with ease and confidence.

While putting this scanner to the test, we brought it throughout our building and had a guy with the Socket standing in the furthest depths of the warehouse, while a lady with the mobile device stood at the opposite end of the building. There were several walls and 200 feet distancing them from one another. Needless to say, the Bluetooth Socket worked seamlessly and quickly through it all and the data was right there before our eyes! (The Socket will actually transmit data up to 330 feet!)

Imagine you’re in a small craft store with product everywhere and small working quarters―along with lots of people meandering throughout the store―and you need to do a quick inventory of one of your products. You don’t want to be in the way of your lovely customers, are you? You just want to quickly and easily get the job done with as little disruption as possible. So you keep your smartphone at your desk or in your pocket and you grab your handy little Socket to quickly zap all the barcodes. Before you know it, you’re in and out of there in the blink of an eye, with all the data you need resting comfortably in your sweet little mobile device.

Now imagine you’re in a large hospital that always seems to be bursting at the seams with people rushing in different directions, needing supplies from you quickly and effectively! No room for errors and no time to waste! No pressure, right? Well, our little Socket scanner has your back! Simply bring it with you to quickly and easily locate, track, scan, disperse, refill, etc. all the requests that are thrown at you throughout the day, with the assurance that all the data and information is stored safely in your mobile device. Plus, you know the connection is secure, since no one else can connect to your signal unless you allow it, keeping your sensitive information from prying eyes and Peeping Toms!

All of these features make the Bluetooth Cordless Socket Scanner a great tool to keep in your cache whether you work in retail, warehouses, asset tracking or even in laboratories, hospitals, research facilities, etc… the possibilities are endless!

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