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Pink telephone resting on a white surface

Please Press One to…

It’s the last thing you want to hear! You called with the intention of getting something done. Waiting around while a “robot” leads you down a dead end just won’t cut it today.

“Please listen carefully to our menu as our choices have recently changed. Please press one to check an existing order…Press two to order a catalog… Press three to hear our specials…Press four for directions and hours.”

The whole time you just want to hear “Press zero to speak with a representative!” But before that time comes, there’s another call, another email, another meeting to go to, and what could’ve been a check mark on your “to do” list is now just another thing looming among the day’s tasks.

But we are NOT that company! 

Two EIM employees First off, we have the goal to have a HUMAN answer the telephone – in 3 or less rings! If that doesn’t happen, it’s simply because we are being inundated with calls or are in a brief meeting.

When it comes to making labels, we will work with you. We can help you choose the label material, size, adhesive qualities, security features, coloring, text, art work—all of which will exactly work in your label application. We are not out to squeeze you into a stock label that simply doesn’t fit your needs.

If you prefer, you can simply email LabelExperts@eiminc.com or give us a call to speak with one our experienced customer service representatives at (800) 535-6987. Our office is open from 8 am to 6 pm EST Monday through Friday.

Should you realize that your work day is ending and you still haven’t had the chance to call, just fill out our handy contact form. Selecting the “Just Contact Me!” option will open up a custom comment field. At that point, you can enter notes detailing your label needs and we will get back to you the first thing the next business day.

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