NEW SecuraLabel® for Security and Time Clock Systems

Do you have problems with employees punching in for each other using photocopies of their badges? If so, we have a great solution for you. The time-honored glossy red overlays are fast becoming a thing of the past, and to be honest, they no longer function the way they were originally intended.

Back in the 1980’s when black and white copiers were popular, if anyone tried to copy a red security label, the red overlay would show up as a solid black image completely wiping out the barcode below. But over the years, there have been all sorts of improvements in photocopiers to the point that they now can produce full-color, photo-quality images. On top of that, the prices of scanners and copiers have dropped considerably, so that they are much more readily available.

The old red overlays were foiled by these newer copiers because they can print not only the red background but also the black barcodes. Whammo! Your security is limited just to people who don’t know about the differences in scanning equipment. Let’s face it… you really need a label that will truly deter photo-copying in both black and white—OR—full color.

SecuraLabel2EIM now has the perfect answer for you!! Our NEW SecuraLabel® is designed with innovative materials to provide the right balance of reflectivity, print contrast and print resolution for easy barcode scanning. They are still laminated for provide durable protection from scratching, moisture and incidental exposure to mild chemicals. Most importantly, no one can make a copy of a SecuraLabel® and print out the barcode to trick those security systems and time clocks. (Other uses for Red SecuraLabel® include documents, membership cards, coupons, gift certificates or reward cards.)

If you would like samples of our NEW SecuraLabel® to prove to yourself how well they work, simply contact our Label Experts!

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