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Children wearing red shirts and playing trumpets

Instrument Labels – Music and Children: What a Beautiful Sound

Educators recognize that music can help a child’s growth and learning by developing a solid range of cognitive skills. With as little as one year of music training, it has been found that general intelligence can be improved thanks to the concentration required to listen to, memorize and play music. It’s really interesting to think about music as a link to a mathematical association (aka compositional structure) of rhythm and harmony.

Children wearing red shirts and playing trumpets with instrument labelsOn a more personal “note” (pardon the pun), music can affect a child’s emotions: developing passions or alleviating depression or loneliness. Every day, children face their own types of stress and challenges that trigger mood swings, basic disposition and motivation. Music allows them a way to express themselves in lyrics and sound, providing a period of relaxation and heightened imagination.

But how to choose an instrument? There are so many different kinds of wind, percussion, keyboards, strings and brass from which to choose. What if a kid doesn’t like what he picks out and gets discouraged to the point of saying he “doesn’t like music anymore?”

Well, one of our customers has just the answer – an “Instrument Petting Zoo!” This unique summer program guides children―soon to be entering 5th grade―through the various types of instruments they could be playing. They get to hold and try each instrument with the idea they will pick what they like the best to start out their first year of music in school.

This company works closely with teachers and parents promoting local school music programs. Part of their efforts include offering a scholarship-based Headstart Music Program for kids who might not normally be able to afford to play an instrument. Kids get to go to classes two days a week, getting them excited about music and filling the “there’s nothing to do” times of summer vacation, as well as giving them a leg up in the coming school year.

So why would a company like this need labels? They are a full-service instrument rental and music school. They have four different stores that rent, lease, sell and repair instruments. They need to print their own labels with serial numbers to match the identification numbers on each instrument. Since instruments are commonly rented out one year at a time, you can imagine that their labels have to handle a lot of abuse.

After testing a few different instrument labels samples, they chose our EnduraLabel Printing System, customized with a Zebra desktop printer, an External Media Supply holder, Bartender® Pro and our asset-sized 1.875” x .75” EnduraLabels. For a bit more protection, they add some clear laminate shields sized slightly larger than the labels to place over them after they are printed. We are happy to play a small part in spreading the enjoyment of music to children!

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