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Label Expert Nick running in a race

Meet the Label Experts – Nick

“Good tech support,” Nick says, “isn’t really about knowing everything there is to know about technology.” Rather, it’s about developing good troubleshooting skills and, “Being able to look up the solution.”

Most call him for help, but we just call him Nick (and also call him for help… a lot). Meet Nick Ryder—your EIM Technical Support. Nick has been troubleshooting for our team for just short of twelve years. His career here started in our Shipping department and eventually branched out to the Print Room. Soon after he became versed in the ways of both big presses and smaller printers, Nick was called upon to help assist with external tech support. Fast forward to today, and Nick is not only on stand-by to answer customer questions regarding printers/software, but also addresses our technical difficulties around the office and on the production floor.

One of the reasons Nick has been integral in building a strong tech support department, is due to his methodical nature. “When a problem occurs you want to be able to solve it and then document the solution. Preferably, in such a way that other people can understand how to fix it the next time the issue pops up.” Logging troubleshooting efforts helps him put together procedures, which then allow tech support to solve common problems consistently, and quickly.

Label Expert Nick running in a race

Photo Courtesy of James Schmill

When the end of the work-day rolls around, it’s not uncommon to see Nick on a run through town. Now an avid race enthusiast, Nick was in fact motivated to start a running regimen, when EIM sponsored our local 4 on the 4th road race. Now, Nick says, “Running is the thing I’m most proud of—it’s the most important thing I’ve ever done in my life.” He runs up to 35 miles every week, and credits it with helping him shift to a healthier lifestyle. In 2017, he turned his focus exclusively to improving his half-marathon time. Nick’s dedication proved successful in September, when he ran the Demar Half Marathon (run in conjunction with the Clarence Demar Marathon, a Boston Marathon qualifier). He came in at 01:28:05 (under his goal time of 90 minutes) and placed first in his age division!

His advice for aspiring runners looking for motivation? Sign-up for a 5k. “Then you have something to work towards.” He adds that with a realistically paced plan (he recommends the app ‘couch to 5k’), training won’t be as strenuous. And who knows, we might see you at the next race, and you might give Nick a run for his money!

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