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Assorted white barcode labels

Customer Spotlight: Learning with Labels

Recently we were approached by a supplier of Warehouse Management Systems. The customer didn’t present us with what we would consider a ‘typical labeling challenge’, but with our experience in warehouse labeling, they were hoping we would be able to fulfill their request. Their sales team, Team Bacon, set out to find a solution.
Warehouse management system barcode training cards and custom team bacon card featuring Linda and Mary graphic
The company sells warehouse management systems, which aim to improve efficiency and streamline warehouse management in the building products industry. They are in the process of putting together an interactive training package to give their customers a chance to see first-hand how the system operates. That’s where we come in. The customer asked us to create barcoded cards that would serve as a tool in one of their training packages. The deck of 2” x 3” cards we’re creating for them can be scanned to demonstrate how their warehouse management systems display data for barcoded items.

Prior to this case, we had never created a barcoded product for training purposes. However, if a customer makes a request, we’re willing to put our heads together to find a way to accommodate it. Now that we’ve created barcoded training cards for one customer, we’re eager to adapt the solution for use in a variety different management systems, such as Asset Management Systems (AMS), Lumber/Timber Tracking Systems, and Fleet Management Systems. Our goal is to meet our customer’s expanding needs with new and innovative solutions!

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