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Technical Support Help Page

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Remote Support

Splashtop - our preferred remote support software used to connect us to your computer.

TSC Diagnostic Tool

The Diagnostic Tool helps you configure your printer without physically touching it.


BarTender is the most powerful label making software in the world.


TSC Printers

Drivers by Seagull for TSC Printers.

Zebra Printers

Drivers by Seagull for Zebra Printers.

Other Printers

Drivers by Seagull for other printer brands.

Microsoft Access 64bit             Microsoft Access 32bit

Drivers that allow you to connect a Microsoft Database to BarTender.
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BarTender Training BarTender Label Printing Software

Installing BarTender

Installing Drivers

Getting Around BarTender

Dates and Time


Data Entry Forms

Data Sources

Sharing Data Between Objects

Connecting a Database

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Configuring Printers Zebra ZD620 Label Printer

Printer Adjustments

Calibrating Printer (Seagull Driver)

Calibrating Printer (ZDesigner Driver)

Changing Darkness (Seagull Driver)

Changing Darkness in BarTender (Seagull Driver)

Changing Darkness (ZDesigner Driver)


Loading TC Series Ribbon

Loading TX Series Ribbon

Loading TTP Series Ribbon

Diagnostic Tool Quick Start Guide


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Loading ZD Series Ribbon

Loading ZT Series Ribbon


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