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Electronic Imaging Materials

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TSC Console
Easily configure and calibrate your TSC printer.

Premium label design software for any printer.

Free label design software for GoDEX printers. (GoLabel Training and Info)


TSC Printers
Drivers by Seagull for TSC printers.

Zebra Printers
Drivers by Seagull for Zebra printers.

GoDEX Printers
Drivers by Seagull for GoDEX printers.

Other Printers
Drivers by Seagull for other printer brands.

Microsoft Access 64bit  | Microsoft Access 32bit
Drivers that allow you to connect a Microsoft Database to BarTender®.

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BarTender® Training 

Getting Started:

Installing BarTender®

Installing Drivers

Getting Around BarTender®

Adding Text

Adding Barcodes

Adding Images

Getting More Advanced:

Dates and Time


Conditional Printing

Data Entry Forms

Data Sources

Sharing Data Between Objects

Working with Multiple Templates

Working with Layers


Connecting a Database

Connecting Multiple Databases / Tables

Setting up the Record Picker

Using List Controls

Static Filter

Dynamic Filter

Integrations (Requires Automation and higher):

Print using CSV Integration Named Data Sources

Print using Print Command Script

Print using Empty File Integration

Print using Database Trigger

Print using Data File Integration

Print using BTXML Over Network Socket

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Configuring Printers Zebra ZD620 Label Printer

Printer Adjustments

Seagull Driver | ZDesigner Driver

Adjusting Darkness:
Seagull Driver | ZDesigner Driver

Seagull Driver (In BarTender®) | Zebra Driver (In BarTender®)


Loading TC Series: Ribbon | Media

Loading TX Series: Ribbon | Media

Loading TTP-244 Series: Ribbon | Media

Loading TTP-247/345 Series: Ribbon | Media


Loading RT Series: Ribbon | Media

Loading G Series: Ribbon | Media


Loading G Series: Ribbon | Media

Loading ZD Series: Ribbon | Media

Loading ZT Series: Ribbon | Media

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Direct Vendor Support 


Support Page

Tech / Customer Support: (877) 275-9327


Support Page

Tech Support: (657) 220-7995

Seagull Scientific

Support Page

Tech Support / Sales: (425) 641-1408


Support Page

E-Mail: TechSupportga@godexintl.com

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Electronic Imaging Materials