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Labeled Laboratory Slides

Chemical Resistant Slide Labels

Your slide labels need to hold up to a wide variety of harsh solvents and chemicals like alcohol, xylene and DMSO. Not only that, but you need the barcodes on them to remain clear and readable in order to be properly scanned. Our XyResist® CytoLabels are more than up to the task!

This CytoLabel offers excellent print quality, as well as resistance to xylene, stain and xylene substitutes. Stock is matte white in color and waterproof, with a solvent and temperature resistant adhesive. Thermal transfer printable.

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You choose the information and design for your labels - We can print any barcode you need.

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    Text-Only Labels

    Text-only labels can be white or clear and printed in any combination of colors.

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    Barcode Labels

    Barcodes should be printed on a solid material with black print, but we can add color to your label in other areas.

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    Patient-Specific Labels

    Patient-specific information can be added to this label. You simply fold a clear layer of laminate over the hand-written section to protect it.

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