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Cryogenic cryolabels - Hologic Labels - Lab Labels

Home of the original CryoLabel® since 1987. Our Cryogenic Labels are specially engineered to handle cryogenic temperatures and adheres to a variety of cryogenic vials, test tubes, plates, and more.


  • Adheres to already frozen surfaces
  • Resists moisture through repeated freeze and thaw cycles
  • Fully customizable and available in preprinted or blank options

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Custom Made Cryogenic Labels

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    Cap and Wrap® CryoLabel®

    Need to label the top cap for deep freeze too? Our Cap and Wrap® CryoLabel® come in pairs for both around the vial and cap barcoding.

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    Non-Cryo Tube and Vial Labels

    Track samples in chemistry, hematology, virology, genetics, DNA sequencing, forensics and drug discovery, for purposes ranging from diagnostic testing to disease prevention testing, and more.

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    Our line of CryoLabel® materials made for polypropylene vials or other containers in extended deep freeze storage. Your prints stay intact from frost and water, and stick as low as -196°C.

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