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Property Labels and Asset Tags

Control Your Inventory
with Custom Asset Labels

Identify and manage your valuable assets with labels that last! We study your application to deliver durable custom labels fit exactly for your requirements, even for extremely harsh environments. Select solutions ready to ship!

Been using you for years and you are great to work with. Its always perfect and you know your materials for our needs better than anyone.

Browse Types of Asset Labels

  • Labels for Metal

    Extra Durable Anodized Aluminum

    Labels with ultimate durability for extremely harsh conditions. Prints are embedded underneath a protective oxide seal, packing a 20-year life rating.

  • Silver Label

    Permanent Whites & Silvers

    Long-lasting labels for tagging just about anything. Barcoding, colors, and graphics available. Works in outdoors, industrial areas, uneven surfaces, and more.

  • Repositionable Asset labels

    Removable & Reusable

    Our unique EverPeel® labels can be applied, removed, and re-applied on different surfaces over and over again.

  • Tamper Evident Labels

    Tamper Evident & Security

    After applying, these labels become impossible to remove cleanly. Protects against label swapping and tampering.

  • Custom Printed Asset Label

    Affordable Paper

    Cost-effective materials for everyday, indoor usage. Great for tagging anything around the office.

  • Self Laminating Labels


    Print your own protected laminated labels on-demand. Our unique Code-N-Seal® labels carry laminates underneath to use after applying.

Electronic Imaging Materials