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White barcoded labels affixed to medical vials

Labeling Solutions for Pharmaceutical Testing

Companies that discover and develop innovative products for healthcare patients and consumers worldwide rely on superior supporting materials. One such corporation is an international leader in pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines, diagnostic tests and devices.

Person wearing a rubber glove holding a vial with a cryogenic label over a steamy lab cylinder Their extensive studies are often complicated and entail harsh testing processes―for example, in breast cancer research.  In their laboratories, specimen samples are regularly put through the wringer—meaning the labels placed on their samples must remain legible and intact, withstanding the same harsh processes.

Here are just a few of the laboratory label products we provide this company! They use both printed and blank labels; to make their on-site printing easy we also supply them with Zebra desktop thermal transfer printers and BarTender® software.

bullet   XyResist® Plastic Slide Labels handle the harsh effects of solvents like xylene yet are glove-friendly.
bullet   EnduraLabels have a special adhesive that works well in paraffin block identification.
bullet   Thermal Transfer Plastic Labels are economical and are perfect for many lab applications.
bullet   654 Plastic labels are cleanly removable from test tubes.
bullet   White Plastic CryoLabel® easily handles tube and plate storage in liquid nitrogen.
bullet   Freez-R-Mark Plastic labels can be applied at freezer temperatures.

At EIM we take pride in knowing that we are able to provide laboratories and researchers like this with products they can rely on and trust whole-heartedly. Cancer, degenerative diseases and other ailments are extremely complex so if we can assist in any way, we want to make sure we give it our all. We stand behind our products and we work with each and every customer to ensure the highest level of satisfaction possible!


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