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The Label Experts volunteering

It’s Our 35th Anniversary!

In honor of our 35th year, here’s a look back at The Label Experts’ last few decades! We count ourselves fortunate to have many team members who have been here 10, 15, even 20+ years!
35th Anniversary

Label Experts
Days of Caring through the years. We love it when we get to go out in our community and lend a helping hand!

Members of our 2022 Production Team. 

Fun and games—and food!
EIM Label Expert Ice Cream truck handing out ice cream in parking lot
Fun with flames… 

As you can see, we take Halloween very seriously;)
Let’s not forget our very first website, circa 1996!
Little Label Expert’s around the office—puppy Pepper is all grown up and helping us promote cold temp labels these days.
Baby Savannah and mom Jillian working at a desk - babies at work
Pepper the office dog at a desk
Baby Savannah at Work

Interns from local Keene State College always bring new ideas and perspectives.

Keene State College Interns
The Bread Shed product and display at supermarket


And let’s not forget our awesome owners, President Alex Henkel and Vice President Heather Bell!

Alex Henkel circa 2002 at a tradeshow  

Alex, Heather, and EIM founder’s Paul & Sue Henkel.

Meet the label expert Heather

But most importantly 35 years into the game, we know we wouldn’t be here without you, our amazing customers! We appreciate you!

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