Introducing… Cappy from The Cryo’s!

So I heard you guys had the pleasure of meeting the big man, Cruze. He’s a real inspiration, that guy! Many love him, some fear him… there’s been some debate on which is better, to be loved or feared. I think it’s all bologna if you ask me! There’s nothing about Cruze that should make you fear him… he wouldn’t hurt a fly… trust me!  He may be the toughest guy out there, but he’s really a Saint. I should know– I’m his right hand man. The name’s Cappy and I’ve been with The Cryo’s for quite some time. It’s an honor really, not everyone has what it takes… you have to be unique and prove your worth.

Cappy the Cryo Test Tube

You see, some of us aren’t graced with “height” like a lot of these other guys; I guess you could say I’m kinda short… so it was a little harder to prove myself. I had to be innovative and really catch The Cryo’s attention quickly! Luckily for them, I made the grade. I used my small size to my advantage, and with me, you get double the fun! Our work is complicated and must be extremely organized at all times. There is no room for error what-so-ever… people’s lives lie within us. Let me explain…

Like Cruze, I also love the cold and I spend a lot of my time down at the swimming hole known as “The Nitro,” aka LN2 or liquid nitrogen. I’m often stationed there for work. It can be tricky to find me among the crowd, but with the arrival of 2-Dimensional barcodes, I came up with a brilliant idea―a unique retrieval method unlike any other! These 2-D barcodes are able to incorporate extra information and hold more data than your conventional linear barcodes, plus they’re much smaller in size (like me)! So anyways, I come as a 2-part set… Growing up I never went anywhere without my lucky cap, it was a staple in my wardrobe! One day, I was trying to think of a way to make sample retrieval easier on the laboratory technicians, hence my idea of a 2-piece set. Also known as ‘Me and My Cap’, ‘Cappy’, or ‘Cap and Wrap®’… we really love the nicknames around here!

This two-part label set includes:

1.) Yours Truly (Ya, that’s me… The rectangular, larger sized CryoLabel® that goes around the tube.)

2.) My Cap Label (the smaller, round CryoLabel®) that goes directly to my cap!

My cap holds all the information you will ever need about me and the tube! It makes me incredibly easy to find in this crazy world and reduces human error. Just so you know, I am also completely customizable and can be fashioned for any size tube that works for you. I am be made out of a special clear thermal transfer-printable CryoLabel® plastic that handles liquid Nitrogen temperatures (-196°C… brrrr!) as well as water baths, solvents and chemicals (like IPA and DMSO)! …and you thought Cruze was the tough guy… I’m right up there with him! Don’t get me wrong, I love the guy, it’s just a little friendly competition! Once you meet the rest of The Cryo’s, you’ll see just how loving we all are!

Cap and Wrap® LabelsAnyways, let me tell you another quick story of how I do things around here. My crew and I have been doing some pretty interesting work as of late! We got together with a company doing research in the area of tests and treatment for lung cancer. They print us (their trusty Clear Cap-and-Wrap® CryoLabel®) with a Zebra GX430t desktop printer and BarTender® software they bought to print labels right on the spot. Data is accessed with a Symbol DS6708 1 and 2D Imaging Scanner that works with their LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System). The 2 mL cryovials we are affixed to contain clinical aliquot samples that are already frozen and received on dry ice! Talk about a not-so-warm welcome! A little dry ice doesn’t scare me and my guys, though―no wayyy, we don’t scare that easily! We know what we can do, and it would be rude if we didn’t share our talents with those who needed them the most.

Well, that’s just one example of what Cap-and-Wrap® CryoLabel® can do. We’re proud of our strength, durability and customization, and will do whatever it takes to get you what you need! It’s a Cryo’s way of life!

So if you’re ever in the market for a cap and tube label set, get hold of the Label Experts and be sure to tell them, “Cappy sent you!”

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