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Innovative Labeling Part 1: Icing on the Cake

This isn’t the first time we’ve mentioned our 1-on-1 focus with our customers and their inquiries. EIM always strives for more without losing sight of our primary focus: YOU – our customer. Looking back, our mom and pop shop has grown into an enterprise consisting of many layers, while maintaining our original focus on care and responsiveness.

What do you think of when you hear something has multiple layers? Since most of us around here have a sweet tooth (and maybe a few cavities, as well), we liken our layers as analogous of a cake.

Yes, that’s right, a CAKE!

Cake diagram with EIM's attributes: "award winning customer service", "Innovation and Progression", and "Engineered Short-Run Labels"

The top layer is your initial contact. Think about it. Our company (a sweet, delicious cake) is presented amongst a host of various other sweets (the competitors) that lay spread on a table (the Internet) which seemingly fills the entire room! You decide our cake appeals to your senses, so you cut a piece out (*hint hint* requested more info!), put it on a plate and then return to your seat. With fork ready in hand, you take a bite. Within seconds (yes, we answer the phones that fast!), a rush of euphoria comes over you. You’re overwhelmed. You made the right choice! Meet the Label Experts (and give your imagination some credit!)

The bottom layer holds the cake together. Without it, there would be a sugary mess that even the most naive of window-shoppers wouldn’t touch. Without a foundation to support your company, failure is certain. Queue our beams of individually-crafted production. For over 27 years, EIM has held true to the idea that every customer’s request cannot be lumped into one product. With each inquiry, a unique application is born. Arising from specific label application requirements, substrate qualities, label formatting, tailored printing, or perhaps attention to detail for all of the above, personal touch is essential.

The middle layer acts as a bridge between the “floury” pieces. The top is dedicated to personal interaction and care, while the bottom is reliant on our abilities to convert and create products from raw materials. The value of combining these layers defines a perfect blend of innovation and progress. We’re always thinking outside-the-box. And who would have thunk it? Conventionally viewed as a slow-moving and boring industry, labeling and barcodes are often found teetering or tip-toeing on the fringes of something new.

So what have we learned? Besides that we’re always baking in the kitchen for the next big “label solution”, we cannot neglect the stability that this middle layer of cake serves! Where would innovative production be without listening to our customers? Their specific needs top our ingredients’ list like no other. It is out of your requests that an untapped niche may be discovered; a new sweet treat hits the market!

Check back for Part 2 to see who’s been baking this ever expanding middle cake layer.

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