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Bat Labels are Helping Your Favorite Players Hit Home Runs

baseball bat labelsThe 2015 Major League Baseball playoffs are underway! We all know what that means: screaming fans behind the diamond, soon to be followed by screaming fans out in the streets (either cheerfully or the not so cheery kind). Whichever team you’re rooting for this season, you may notice some of your favorite players using a legendary bat that’s known for slugging home runs. You guessed it: it just so happens that The Label Experts have been proudly providing bat labels for over 20 years to the best baseball bats around!

With all of those bats to sell, this particular manufacturer needs a secure way to keep tabs on their products and to track shipments. The labels we provide are used in their production and warehouse areas for this exact purpose. Our custom-made paper labels are put on plastic bags to protect the bats and help make sure that the bats go from the factory to the hands of batters everywhere. So these playoffs, if you see your baseball team using a legendary bat, remember—it took a helping hand from a labeling company  supplying bat labels to get them onto the field!

Check out some of the hardest hitters that used these bats this season!

Slugger Home Runs – 2015
Nelson Cruz 44
Joey Votto 29
Adam Jones 27
Curtis Granderson 26
Justin Upton 26


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