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High Quality Products Deserve High Quality UPC Labels

When a company has the goal to be a high-quality and innovative source of products that are custom designed using the most practical of materials, made at the best value in a timely manner – we take notice. The fact is Electronic Imaging shares similar goals and we appreciate other companies that set high standards.

White UPC Label affixed to a blue plastic part One of our customers has found a niche for making high-quality promotional materials such as commemorative coins, key rings, lapel pins, magnets, awards, and much, much more. Their exclusive distributor network can range from large candy-makers, to the US Military, to NASCAR and many others. The materials they use are also diverse – including gold, silver, resin and PVC. The fact is they have so many different custom products, it can be difficult keeping track of all their inventory. They also need to make it easy to sell these products to consumers.

That’s where EIM comes in. We provide them preprinted UPC labels that link their distributors and products through the GS1 System to provide control and security in the supply chain. Their labels typically contain the promotional company’s name (sometimes with a colored logo), a product name, a product number, a UPC number, plus a price. As a service to them, we keep a database of all their different products so that we can quickly respond when they need a new batch of labels.

By buying premade UPC labels, this company can focus on what they do best – making premium quality, creatively designed mementos. Should they ever want to print their own UPC labels, we can provide them all the necessary components to get up and printing quickly.

Think of UPC labels as the finishing touch to your product… you want to ensure that your labels are of the same quality as the product you are selling. This is just another example of the fact we will work with you to provide the best label solutions time and time again.

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