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Oranges hanging from a branch of an orange tree

Customer Spotlight: Have Horticulture, Will Travel

Some people are pet lovers, some people are plant lovers. One of our customers caters to the latter group. This customer integrates landscape design, garden installation, masonry, lawn and bed maintenance, ongoing garden development, architectural enhancement and horticultural historicity—combined with environmentally friendly practices and conservation.

Pink flowers inside of a blue flower vase What makes these creative people even more interesting is that they are located way up north – the land of seemingly endless summer days. They may have a short growing season, but the long hours of sunlight and relatively mild conditions bring residents outdoors to enjoy the grandeur and beauty of their region―greatly enhanced by these landscapers.

To achieve their award-winning designs, they use the in-house talents of arborists; pool, hot tub, waterfall or water-feature architects; exterior lighting designers; and irrigation specialists. They prepare the soil and the overall property to minimize plant stress and maximize water movement. The result is an oasis of beauty and outdoor splendor.

You know that some interior designers travel to Europe and Asia to find the perfect antique or objet d’art for a client? Well, this exterior designer will travel far and wide to find an unusual or exotic plant—something that they cannot grow in their own nursery. Thanks to our moisture-resistant #359 plastic labels, they can keep track of all the plant varieties they install in their gardenscapes.

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