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Customer Spotlight: Exploring the Ocean Depths

For some people, the ocean is a vast and terrifying place. For others it offers peace and tranquility with gently rolling waves, serene sunrises and stunning sunsets. For a select few curious people we call oceanographers, the ocean is a vast underwater world filled with new discoveries. What types of marine organisms and ecosystems live in the vast oceans that can survive the dark depths of the sea, and haven’t yet been revealed?

Underwater view of fish swimming above rocks One of our customers specializes in deep sea exploration through the use of manned submersible equipment. Utilizing innovative technologies such as robotics and sonar systems, they can recover historical artifacts, observe and record marine life and map the ocean floor. Their untethered devices serve commercial operations such as oil and gas exploration, universities, government agencies and non-profit organizations around the globe. They also do ongoing research and development to a robust line of deep water discovery solutions.

When they came to Electronic Imaging, they needed waterproof asset tags that would survive in the open ocean even at serious depths. Our “Label Experts” recommended a special 626 White Polyester since this material meets the British Standard 5609 for marine immersion.

The BS5609 is an internationally recognized standard for pressure-sensitive adhesive labels – particularly ones used to identify drums of dangerous chemicals that might accidentally wind up in the ocean. The testing criteria to meet this standard includes 3 months of exposure in salt water, as well as, artificial weathering, extreme temperatures and color strength tests after exposure to artificial salt spray and sunlight. The labels will be examined for print permanence, abrasion resistance and adhesive performance.

Our 626 Polyester labels were a perfect durable solution for this manned submersibles team! We vigorously worked to get their label design done, then cut and printed them to ship in just two days! For a totally new customer with challenging requirements, this is impressive turnaround from first email to first shipment!

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