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Spoof Chaosbusters poster with EIM employees and Ghostbusters imagery

The EIM Innovation Team – Capturing the Voice of our Customers

When there’s somethin’ strange, in the “label” hood;

Who you gonna call?

You said your barcode’s weird, and it don’t look good;

Who you gonna call?

Spoof Chaosbusters poster with EIM employees and Ghostbusters imagery

The Innovation Team at Electronic Imaging Materials specializes in creating solutions to save the world’s labels and barcodes from every day chaos created by poor print quality, un-scannability, and worst of all the dreaded “Ooze” caused by messy adhesive. This team of five problem-solvers (from left: Juan Munoz, Stephanie Kohler, Leif Masella, Stacey Aldrich and Jillian Bishop (the ghost)) meet monthly to discuss new ways to tackle the latest “sticky” situations in the label industry to effectively “bust the chaos” for our customers!

At EIM, innovative products are something we strive to provide day in and day out. We invest a great deal into our engineering and research so we can better serve our customers, examining virtually all industries in order to identify “unspoken needs” and to give us broader understanding of what happens in real-life situations. We service a wide variety of markets and work to be as up-to-date as possible on the latest trends, compliance laws, technologies, etc. We know that times change, materials change, needs change… and we believe change is good! That’s why we have a special Innovation Team that meets regularly. Their goal is simple―Capture the Voice of our Customers.

The Innovation Team uses the diversity within our employees to its advantage—periodically rotating who works on the team to provide exposure for different employees, while also gaining a variety of employee perspectives. Members from our Sales staff are typically the first ones to hear what customers want, while associates from Production know our equipment and capabilities like the backs of their hands. Our folks from Marketing understand how and when to launch new products, since they are involved in every step of the development process. This representation of diverse backgrounds, job responsibilities and experience is imperative in maintaining an effective, creative Innovation Team.

What makes this team particularly unique is the fact that there isn’t really a group leader… only a facilitator who simply makes sure the “blinders” are kept off; he really doesn’t steer the group in any one direction. He keeps the criticism constructive and in focus—making it truly a team effort all around.

Customers undoubtedly come up with new demands and needs, which the Innovation Team loves—and thrives on! Some of their favorite moments are those unexpected requests which result in an “emergency meeting of the minds” to interpret a customer’s needs and then to swiftly work―as a team―and provide a solution to meet very specific requirements. No matter what the labeling challenge, the Innovation Team’s top priorities are to maintain constant contact with the customer and to give them the very best possible results!

As our world continues to change with new products being invented every day, EIM pushes on to keep up with all those changes! It’s an exciting to be part of this Chaos-Busting Innovation Team and to see how important their role is to EIM and our customers.

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