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Closeup of gold colored gems

Custom Packaging Labels Digging for Gold (and Gems) – Customer Spotlight

How Custom Packaging Labels Can Make a Product Stand Out

Remember when you were a kid and the thought of the Wild West and digging for gold sounded like the greatest adventure ever? Growing up on the East Coast, the Wild West seemed like another planet. Digging for gold still seemed possible though! Digging around in your backyard, picking up all the rocks you came across that you thought were beautiful… trying to sell them to strangers at a “rock stand” – you know, like a lemonade stand? OK… maybe we had different thoughts on what strangers wanted to buy from kids in their front yards. The fun and adventure was still there, however, and that is something that never leaves a child. Even as they grow up, those memories will last forever.

Girl sluicing for gold Going on trips to the museum and different parks always held potential for some new adventures and exciting souvenirs to remember them by. Of course, going along with our wild, wild west undertaking… what better activity to offer than panning for gold and gems? Getting our own sieves or pans and standing by the water wheel, running our little hands through the dirt and cold water anxiously sifting out sand in the hopes of hitting the mother lode! The best part was keeping all of the gems and bits of gold that were found and getting our very own little velvet, draw-string bags to keep them in and take home!

Well, we’re grown up now and we know what goes on behind the scenes. Those fun keepsake bags have transformed into a whole different story – making them even more memorable! Electronic Imaging Materials works with one company here in New England that sells plastic pokes (bags) of fossil and gem-laced mining rough to campgrounds and other recreational facilities. (Unfortunately, our part of the country is not known for having much gold, but we do have a lot of fluorite, amethyst, tourmaline, quartz, and citrine… to name just a few rocks and minerals.) Anyway, our client wanted to provide attractive customized bags for each location, and so they came to EIM for a solution.

What we came up with is a variety of graphically creative, full-color custom packaging labels made with our durable 670 Plastic that we print for each of their customers. We even helped them with their label layout to create a template so that all new customers have to do is provide them their logo. On top of that, we added a great marketing tool―QR Codes that can link to their customers’ websites.

And those souvenir gem bags? Well, they are also working on labels for smaller keepsake bags―adding a whole new level of memories and personal touch to an already exciting excursion!

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