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Gingerbread House from four angles

Competitive? Us? The Label Expert’s Gingerbread House Competition

Gingerbread House Christmas SceneCandy Covered Gingerbread HouseIn lieu of our typical holiday shindig, The Label Experts decided to host our first Gingerbread House Decorating Competition! And boy, did The Label Experts bring it with their holiday decorating skills. 




As you can see, the competition was fierce. We called in all of our Label Experts to reach a group consensus.

Gingerbread Landscape at night. Gingerbread Landscape DaytimeDigital Print Operator Jeremiah was voted our first place winner by his fellow Label Experts with his amazing day to nighttime gingerbread landscape!


Not far behind him were our two awesome Digital Prepress Technicians, who tied for second place.



Gingerbread House, Snowmen & Camper

Gingerbread trailer out back? Check!

Toilet Paper Hoarding Dragon in their Gingerbread Lair

Toilet paper hoarding dragon? Double check!    












A lot of our Label Experts turned to their family members for help creating their gingerbread houses.

Santa's helper and Gingerbread House

Some of Santa’s helpers were very professional.

Gingerbread House being eaten

Other little elves decided to eat the artwork before their parent Label Expert could snap a photo.











Santa atop Gingerbread House

Santa made some cameo appearances.

Santa on Gingerbread House











Our resident chef's gingerbread house.

Our Shipping Supervisor broke out his pre-EIM expertise as a chef to create this little masterpiece.

Gingerbread House










Gingerbread House on the Beach

The holidays were on the beach for some.

Candy Cane Gingerbread House










Pecan Shingled Gingerbread House

Doublewide Gingerbread House








Gingerbread House with Greenery

Our nature loving Production Planning Coordinator made sure to add some natural greenery to her holiday scene.

Gingerbread House Landscape

Our Account Manager with a soft spot for all living creatures made sure to incorporate them into her gingerbread panorama.













Here’s wishing a very happy holiday season to you and yours!

                                                                                 — The Label Experts

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