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Companies Get Giddy Over Facebook Notifications

Social media gets a bad rep. The stereotype goes like this; a time-suck occupied by nothing but teenagers procrastinating. Taking selfies and writing posts, browsing trending pop culture news, sharing videos of their favorite celebrities tripping at an award ceremony. You get the picture. However, it doesn’t take a marketing analyst to discover that the workplace has taken a wildly different approach. Social media platforms have become leveraging tools for small and big businesses alike, and in a startling universal fashion.

Social marketing is now an imperative function in the business world. The days of relying on snail-mail promotions are quickly becoming ancient history.  Most companies use social media as a fast way to freely market and promote their products, increase brand awareness, connect with employees and their customers, as well as take full advantage of learning and attain new information for their own benefit. This holds true even for business-to-business (B2B) marketing platforms and companies like EIM. Social media helps enterprises shine by providing an easy way to target an audience that may otherwise be untouched or unknowingly within their reach.

  • According to a report published last year by Forbes, at least 91% of B2B content marketers in North America use LinkedIn, 85% use Twitter, and 81% use Facebook. No matter which social media websites are used, they all share a common goal of being successful content marketing tools with mass appeal. *
  • A similar trend for B2B was seen in the Social Media Benchmarking Report indicating that LinkedIn was once again the most used platform (94%), followed by Twitter (89%), Facebook (77%), YouTube (77%), and Google+ (61%). Research also showed that Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are the best venues for boosting brand awareness without having to deal with editor interference. It is entirely a company’s decision if they choose to connect their business to social media websites and which one(s) they choose to use. *
What Platforms are B2B Organizations Using?
Bar graph showing the social media usage of B2B companies per platform
Forbes | Social Media Benchmarking Report

Electronic Imaging can be found on LinkedIn, Youtube, and Twitter. LinkedIn helps us network with customers, industry partners and other professionals, providing us a way to keep our ears close to the pipeline for news and trends. Our YouTube videos are easily found both on our own website and YouTube to give our audiences straightforward visual information about our products and how they work. We also develop just-for-fun videos to make our company more personable and our products more interesting and exciting. On Twitter, we provide pictures and brief updates of our new products and blog articles. To complement our social media we regularly use eNewsletters to provide more in-depth information about specific labeling applications and products.

*Keep in mind that these numbers are based on solely on B2B relationships. The ranking is quite different when you add in all the non-professional users. Facebook then leads with 900 million users, Twitter with 310 million, followed by LinkedIn with 255 million users, Pinterest with 250 million, and Google Plus+ at 120 million.

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