Cold Temperature Laser Labels

You already have a laser printer in your department and would like to put it to more use than just printing documents. More importantly, perhaps you need durable labels that can hold up to water and cold temperatures.

The laser technology uses a heating process to transfer toner to a face sheet. This often limits the types of materials and adhesives that will work and not jam up a printer. Fortunately, as demand for laser labels has increased, material manufacturers have expanded the choices available.


Since solving difficult label applications is our forté, EIM works to offer a good selection of specialty label products just for laser printers. In particular, we have a couple laser label materials that can be applied at temperatures below freezing and adhere well even in extremely low temperatures. These are perfect to cold storage requirements such as laboratory labels, food storage, warehouse racking, shipping labels, and certain industrial applications.

  • Water Resistant Laser Paper: This product has a unique coating that offers excellent moisture resistance. It comes with an aggressive adhesive that can be applied at -10°F (-23°C) and works in refrigerator and storage temperatures down to -80°F (-62°C). It is so popular that we offer it in four stock sizes ready to ship.
  • Freez-R-Mark™ White Laser Polyester: This tough material is perfect for wet freezer conditions and comes with a freezer-grade adhesive that can be applied at sub-zero temperatures as low as -20°F (-29°C) and works in ultra-low conditions down to -112°F (-80°C). It offers excellent dimensional stability, plus tear, heat and UV light resistance.

As always, we strongly encourage customers to do thorough testing of all label products under consideration to make sure they will meet their application requirements. If you would like samples of these Cold Temperature Laser Label materials, please contact our Label Experts.

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