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barcode printed retro reflective label

Warehouse Placard CodeHanger™ Solutions for Suspending Barcodes

What makes EIM different from other label companies? WE LISTEN! We listen and keep track of customer requests. We will dig and do research and a whole lot of testing. We may not immediately have an answer to a unique labeling application but when we see a pattern of needs develop, we TAKE ACTION! We weed out the important features and needs to come up with SPECIFIC SOLUTIONS! Solutions like our warehouse placard concept.

White hangable warehouse placard with barcode and product name CodeHangerJust like art critics, we look at customer requests from many different angles or perspectives. Do you need something totally new? Is there another less expensive option? Is there something we already offer that could be improved?

Well that’s exactly happened when we started looking at the warehouse labels customers ask us to put on plastic placards. We’ve been mounting large labels on flat and bent signs for years. We offer them with retro-reflective barcodes and white plastic or polyester labels with color coding and directional symbols. If bent, the slant on the placards can vary depending on how far away and at what angle the barcodes are going to be scanned. Sometimes determining where the placards are going to be mounted or suspended can complicate the process. Racks signs are one thing, but hanging signs off wires or chains above open storage or for aisle markers is another requirement. You want to make the installation as quick and easy as possible.

We have absorbed a lot of input from our warehouse customers. We keep watch of our competition and the products they develop and where the gaps are in product offerings. We are always THINKING and imagining the possibilities. That is where the CodeHanger™ family of products all started….

We realized that the “angle” of scanning barcodes, particularly at long distances, can lead to all types of placard sizes and engineering. There is no one simple product to fit all needs… That was until now!

It was that angle issue that got us to thinking….What about a ROUND—as in tube-shaped—barcode that can be scanned from virtually any angle? Throughout our product development process, we will be looking for feedback on what customers need and want. Long wide barcodes can be easily wrapped around tubes and suspended with or without a flat placard to provide the human readable information.

As we worked on the design, the trade name of CodeHanger™ almost magically developed – a term we will now apply to ALL of our barcode products put on plastic devices and intended for suspension or mounting at long distances or heights. Rugged and durable, water, oil, UV and solvent resistant, CodeHanger™ plastic tubes and placards are made to handle the worst in warehouse and distribution center environments. If you would like more information about our new CodeHanger™ Tube or Placard Barcodes, contact our Label Experts.

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