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Assortment of white blank label rolls

10 Unique Uses for Clear Labels

Here at EIM, we are used to making labels with some quite elaborate, and sometimes flashy designs. But sometimes, customers need a label that is a little less eye catching and a little more practical. This is where clear labels come into the spotlight. These labels can do almost anything a regular label can, while maintaining a lower profile.

Clear Labels

Transparent labels are great for all sorts of things! Check out our list and let us know if we missed anything:

  • To have that “No Label” look

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  • Car window stickers (parking, memberships, carwash)
  • Tamperproof and hygiene assurance
  • Clear masking label for painting
  • As a protective shield for screens or print-your-own labels
  • Temporary patch for cracked glass (just kidding, don’t do this)
  • To achieve a high-end look (fancy!)
  • See through label for items where you need to view contents
  • “Fixing” your broken glasses
  • Window stickers for building windows and doors


Clear labels are good for all sorts of things, and they are trusted by businesses in a wide variety of industries. Reach out to The Label Experts for samples of these versatile labels. And take a look around your business—chances are, you have a use for transparent labels you just haven’t realized yet!

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