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Changing Jobs? Bring EIM with You!

If you’ve ever taken the first step out into uncharted territory—buying a new home, moving to a new city, or perhaps the most daunting, starting a new job—you know that the transition can hold some uncertainty. When times are changing and things are new, Electronic Imaging appreciates customers who remember us even as they move forward. We love hearing from someone who has moved on to another organization but still maintains a relationship with us for their labels.

stack of Moving Boxes and other moving clutter Our Label Experts can deliver stock or custom labels to your new doorstep no matter where you are. For example, we have a customer that crossed states to move from one gene research facility to another. Once they realized they needed the same sized tube and vial labels they used in their previous lab, they contacted one of our sales representatives and asked whether or not it would be alright to order the same labels for their new lab. Our answer: of course!

EIM is always be happy to serve what we call our “repeat customers.” We consider our repeat customers extremely valuable because we already understand their label applications and can get the right products in their hands faster. So whether you have been buying for the same company for a long time or have decided to take on a new challenge, we are here to help (and perhaps help you make a good impression on your new boss!).

Don’t hesitate to contact our Label Experts and let us know that you have moved on…we promise not to take offense. We just promise to be your faithful barcode label provider, shipping what you need, when you need it!

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