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Sprouting up Solutions with Garden Labels!

As we look forward to warmer days here at Electronic Imaging Materials, we revel in the joy of helping nurseries and greenhouses prepare for their upcoming growing season. While we’re happy to supply hanging tags for plants and trees, the Label Experts are also equipped to solve more complex horticultural labeling challenges. We’ve worked with […]

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Congress Replaces Genetically Modified Label Laws

July 1, 2016 was the key deadline to comply with Vermont’s labeling law that required that foods sold in retail stores to bear mandatory labels if they contain genetically modified organism (GMO) ingredients. The state law also prohibited manufacturers from packaging foods as “natural” or “all natural” when they in fact contain GMO ingredients. Two […]

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nutrition facts label 2018

Nutrition Facts Labels Will Look Different by 2018, 2019

UPDATE: Delayed Indefinitely Perhaps the most widely recognized information label, the Nutrition Facts, is getting its biggest update in 22 years. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) revealed the newly redesigned label for packaged food and goods after a near decade long battle. Food manufacturers are required to comply with new nutritional information packaging by July […]

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The Label World is Definitely Getting Smaller

“Since we were doing business with you from the other side of the world (New Zealand), it was a pleasure to find your online staff so responsive, knowledgeable, and accommodating with our needs/situation.” Electronic Imaging, Inc. has been a proud converter of barcode and customized labels for over 30 years, and thanks to our long-standing web […]

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Product Labels for Hot Fill or Warm Fill Applications

As consumers become more conscious of the effects preservatives and chemicals have on their health, sterilization is becoming the preferred way for safely packaging food and drinks. There are only two sterilization alternatives, however – cold aseptic filling or hot filling. The aseptic method is a fairly complicated decontamination process that uses chemicals like hydrogen […]

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Customer Spotlight: Spicy Enterprise Close to Home

Electronic Imaging works with customers across the nation and around the globe. It’s fascinating to see how our products are used and even more so, when we can help a local company. One such opportunity involves a 45-year-old business that specializes in aromatic spices and herbs. The founder had a degree in botany and applied […]

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BEWARE: Copying Photos or Artwork is Not Allowed

We all get emails from friends and sometimes they will contain pictures of cuddly animals or beautiful landscapes. Some will have cute drawings and captions. We pass them around to other friends. We also see them on Facebook – an ever-growing favorite way to share our life’s news and views. It’s very easy to “share” […]

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nutrition facts

Faster Nutrition Facts for Your Next Food Product

One of the most exciting times is when a new product is about to be introduced. Our goal is to let you focus on your new product launch while we focus on your labels. I recently had an inside look at introducing a promising new product to a major grocery chain. Long before the first […]

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basket weaving

What You Never Knew You Needed…

Everyone needs a toothpick container in their pick-up truck, right? It’s just awful when you get those bits of BBQ meat stuck in your teeth or a chunk of chit’lins or even a glob of green okra. One of our inventive customers wanted to label his “personalized” toothpick visor clips and found our popular Matte […]

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Mango tree

Customer Spotlight: Flexible Labels for Flexible Packaging

Organic products are booming now that more people want to be environmentally friendly. One of our clients offers organic hygiene products made with coconut oil. For those unaware, coconut oil is the unsung hero of the oil family. Not only can it do wonders at rejuvenating dry, wrinkled skin, but it also does wonders for […]

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