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Grey, black, and yellow barcode scanner

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graphic of scanners laser beaming each other

Handheld Scanner – The Battle of the Scanners

So you don’t know which scanner you need for your barcode? Well, that is quite a dilemma. But EIM is here to make things a bit easier for you. All you need to know is right here: If you are looking for a handheld scanner, then there are two dominating technological types to choose from. […]

Roll of blank labels - Electronic Imaging Materials

Barcode Rap – Slappalabelonnit!

Who Said Barcodes are Boring?? May we present, a barcode rap Barcodes have been around for more than 60 years, and have had widespread use for almost 40. But despite their longstanding history, some people think barcodes have become rather stale, reserved for nerds sitting behind their computers holding calculators. Sure, maybe barcodes have been […]

Lit up pumpkin with QR Code carved into it

QR Gourd – Carvin’ For Our Community

We’ll admit it―again―we’re barcode NERDS. When you work with labels and barcodes every day, you start to think about them in your sleep. What can we do with them? What makes them appealing to customers? In what sort of unusual applications are people using them? Last week as some of our employees were carving pumpkins […]

Volt the Bolt character wearing a tuxedo and Addie character with pink bow tie

The Adhesive Bond Story

“Hi, I’m Addie, a chemical-resistant label from EIM. From the time I was born I was so aggressive that other labels were jealous of me. Not all labels can stick to chemical drums, be able to stay outside for a long time, and still resist various chemicals, ya’ know. I don’t mean to brag or […]

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