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Highlighting Excellence in Education

Electronic Imaging Materials is located in the budding educational town of Keene, NH. It’s no wonder we’re always looking for ways to strengthen our school districts and surrounding communities as an investment for our future generations. That’s why we are proud to highlight how our local school district SAU 29 has awarded, for the 5th […]

Wound in or wound out diagram

Label Ribbon – CSI vs. CSO: What Does That Mean?

When you place an order for printing ribbons, we will ask you what printer model you are using and whether the ribbon is coated side in (CSI) or coated side out (CSO). This refers to how the printing ribbon comes off the roll and feeds through a printer. Printers like Zebra and TSC use the […]

Black TSC printer printing labels

TSC Printers: A Budget-Friendly Way to Barcode

In homage to one of company’s slogans―”We Make Barcoding Easy”―we are excited to introduce EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE additions to our label printer family. And when we say “affordable” we are talking prices that will knock your socks off! But don’t let the low prices scare you… we are talking about durable, reliable models made by TSC […]

graphic of scanners laser beaming each other

Handheld Scanner – The Battle of the Scanners

So you don’t know which scanner you need for your barcode? Well, that is quite a dilemma. But EIM is here to make things a bit easier for you. All you need to know is right here: If you are looking for a handheld scanner, then there are two dominating technological types to choose from. […]

Roll of blank labels - Electronic Imaging Materials

Barcode Rap – Slappalabelonnit!

Who Said Barcodes are Boring?? May we present, a barcode rap Barcodes have been around for more than 60 years, and have had widespread use for almost 40. But despite their longstanding history, some people think barcodes have become rather stale, reserved for nerds sitting behind their computers holding calculators. Sure, maybe barcodes have been […]

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