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How Will Barcodes Work in My Laboratory?

Your inventory data is sacred; it should never be adjusted or compromised in order to fit in a barcode. Nonetheless, variables like surface area and number of characters in your data can influence the way they’re applied to your samples and equipment. That’s why we ask questions first before preparing your order; ensuring barcodes are the […]

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latex gloves

Do You Need a Glove-Friendly Adhesive?

Many customers look for tacky, aggressive adhesives that feel “extra sticky” to solve tough label applications. These adhesives are popular on dirty, contaminated & uneven surfaces. They also adhere to low-surface-energy plastics that emit out-gassing. They bond very well, but they can be a pain to die cut and put into rolls. The adhesives are […]

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cryo label

Product Spotlight – 686 White and 687 Clear CryoLabel® Frost

These newest members to our CryoLabel® family are cold-temperature polyesters perfect for laboratory applications involving light to moderate frost build-up. What makes them work so well is a combination of a thin, flexible design married to a strong ultra-low-temperature adhesive. You will find they work well on test tubes—even with very small diameters—along with vials, […]

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cryo label

CryoLabel® Choices – Taking the Confusion Out of Finding the Right Label

For over 26 years, Electronic Imaging Materials has been offering labels for cryogenic storage. Along the way, we have tweaked and improved our CryoLabel® products to fit many different types of extreme cold temperature applications. For instance, we are introducing our NEW 667 White CryoLabel® that is very conformable and suitable for most cryogenic applications. […]

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Cap N Wrap Label

Customer Spotlight: Cap and Wrap® CryoLabel® – Helping in Advancing Personalized Patient Care

Complex data analysis, algorithms, mass spectrometry, multivariate tests, molecular profile, differential diagnosis, therapeutic intervention… oh my! Early stage research, personalized medicine, serum proteomic test, advanced non-small cell lung cancer, epidermal growth factor inhibitor… huh?! Don’t worry. It’s complex—yes, but not for one of our clients. We’ll leave the fully integrated molecular diagnostics to them! They […]

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Freezing samples

Differences Amongst Laboratories

Shortly after we came up with the idea to write an article about the many different types of laboratories found throughout the world, we realized we were taking on a much larger task than we had initially thought! None-the-less, we wanted to carry on with the challenge… and challenge, it certainly was! We changed the […]

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hospital bracelet

EIM has a “5 Rights Initiative” of Our Own!

You folks out there in healthcare services are well aware of the 5 Rights to Medication Safety initiative—right patient, right drug, right time, right dose and right form. So far, so good. Right? When you are thinking about ways to implement the 5 Rights Initiative, think 2D. A 2D barcode is not comprised or “bars” […]

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Customer Spotlight: Ex Vivo. Out of the Living.

1. Organ Donation. Ex Vivo. Rehabilitation. Artificial Environment. Perfusion. Novel Lung Trial. Transplantation. Lives Saved. 2. Safety Measure. Anodized Aluminum. Autoclave. Barcoded Tags. Sutured to Tissue. Right Lung. Left Lung. Suitable. Lungs Saved. 3. Donor Organs. 83% Discarded. Unsuitable. Marginal Lungs. Chronic Lung Disease. Even if you are not a lab tech savvy to clinical […]

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Lab Sterilization: What Labels Have to Handle

Laboratories use sterilization to remove microbial contamination such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. These infective agents can be found not only on the surface of lab tables, specimen containers and equipment, but also within fluids, medications and, of course, lab cultures. Clean, sterile environments are crucial in both medical and research labs to ensure accurate […]

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