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Barcode labeled test tubes

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Poorly handwriting lab labels

Handwriting Lab Labels – Quit It! (VIDEO)

Laboratories are demanding, fast paced environments. Collecting accurate data and avoiding unnecessary confusion and errors are essential to quality research outcomes. All too often research labs and other facilities rely on writing on tape or blank labels to identify and keep track of tubes, vials, microplates, slides, and other pivotal sample and chemical components of […]

barcode labeled vaccine vial with syringe

Vaccine Labels for Glass Vials — Customer Spotlight

EIM has a long history of making vaccine labels for glass vials. And though we’ve frequently been called on to provide a CryoLabel® that can survive the specialized ultracold freezers (-94°F/-70°C) that some vaccines require, we can also provide labels for far less extreme, 4°C refrigerated environments. Most would think that eliminating the need for […]

Lab Label Samples with multi-label sets

Multi-Label Sets – Made to Order: Our Lab Label Options

Got a big, unwieldy clinical study on your hands with extensive documentation needs? The Label Experts have you covered! Day to day, we keep our biomedical, hospital, and university clients readily supplied with cryogenic and color-coded multi-label sets that keep their labs running smoothly—but every now and then we get asked to bring our ingenuity […]

Laboratory Researchers - COVID-19 Labels in use - high performance labels

High Performance Labels Support Essential Workers

Although not nearly as heralded as their human counterparts (human essential workers rule, BTW), high performance labels are also essential and play a large role in helping workers accomplish their mission. Let’s take a look at how different attributes of labels can help you work effectively: (more…)

COVID-19 Labels for Lab

COVID-19 Labels & Rush Orders – Customer Spotlight

This past month, EIM has been making it a priority to rush label orders for our customers who are supporting the fight against COVID-19. We want to be here for you while you kick this virus to the curb! (more…)

chemical resistant test tube labels

Test Tube Labels Sticking to Your Gloves? We’ve Got a Fix for That! (VIDEO)

Easy to Peel Test Tube Labels Easily peel the label for your cryogenic test tube and track your vials – without getting them stuck to your gloves! We discovered our lab and healthcare customers often have a common pain point; Their cryogenic labels stick to their gloves instead of the test tubes they’re trying to […]

Assortment of laboratory labels

Customer Spotlight: Fertility Clinic

Infertility at a Glance A recent study by Medi-Resource Inc. showed that 11.5% to 15.7% of Canadian couples experience infertility. If you do the math, that’s nearly one in six couples. It turns out that one of the top fertility treatment centers in Canada happens to be a longtime customer of ours. In fact, their […]

chemical resistant test tube labels

Laboratory Barcodes – How Will They Work?

Your inventory data is sacred; it should never be adjusted or compromised in order to fit in a barcode. Nonetheless, variables like surface area and number of characters in your data can influence the way they’re applied to your samples and equipment. That’s why we ask questions first before preparing your order; ensuring barcodes are the […]

Scientist testing in a food laboratory

Food Laboratory Boosts Efficiency with Label Design Software – Customer Spotlight

Companies and food laboratory scientists involved with the handling and packaging of food products have to be extremely careful of safety practices. Manufacturers are mandated to follow strict packaging and labeling guidelines set by federal legislation. These labels carry all sorts of information through the supply chain, such as handling instructions, inspection legend, net weight, […]

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