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Assortment of white blank label rolls

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Green, white, and yellow label with make, serial number, part number, and service date affixed to a curved grey metal surface

Vinyl Label Materials – 3 Reasons to Consider

Ah yes, vinyl. A classic when it comes to records, but also a modern multi-purpose material when it comes to labels. Vinyl label materials tout three key benefits that should make them a contender for your next labeling project: conformability, durability, and their lower cost. Impressive Conformability The biggest benefit of vinyl labels is how […]

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Warehouse management system barcode training cards and custom team bacon card featuring Linda and Mary graphic

Customer Spotlight: Learning with Labels

Recently we were approached by a supplier of Warehouse Management Systems. The customer didn’t present us with what we would consider a ‘typical labeling challenge’, but with our experience in warehouse labeling, they were hoping we would be able to fulfill their request. Their sales team, Team Bacon, set out to find a solution. The […]

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Orange Racecar speeding down the track

Wheel Labels Handle the Heat in Talladega – Customer Spotlight

Comin’ in Hot! The Label Experts Wheel Labels Handle the Heat in Talladega We stopped in our tracks when a very recognizable German luxury car manufacturer approached us about a unique label challenge. They required wheel labels – barcode labels that will stick to the interior of aluminum wheels while they undergo testing. That doesn’t […]

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Diagram of UL certified products QR code scanning

Smart UL Certification Labels – UL Smart Marks

If you work in the manufacturing sector, chances are you have heard of UL or the Underwriters’ Laboratories, the global agency created to assure product safety compliance among manufacturers, retailers and consumers, as well as other regulatory agencies. Smart UL Certification labels with the UL Mark on it indicates that your product has been fully tested […]

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Elaborate circuit board with labeled components

ESD Labels – Taking the Charge Out of Barcode Labels

Labels that can Stand the Static Static electricity is what makes your hair stand on end when you comb it dry or that little shock you get when you touch a doorknob. It is caused by a buildup of electrons, usually sheared from one surface and deposited on another surface by friction. Many surfaces can […]

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neon green with black stripes

What Does Halogen-Free Mean?

From time to time EIM is asked to provide statements concerning RoHS, REACH and Halogen Content. All of this relates to “green” initiatives, primarily started in the European marketplace concerning substances that are not environmentally friendly, and in many cases are downright dangerous. In regards to “Halogen Content”, we are specifically talking about Chlorine, Fluorine, […]

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Cold thermometer and snowflakes graphic

Cold Weather and Labels

The weather is always on our minds these days, especially since we seem to be faced with more and more extreme conditions that swing from one end of the spectrum to the other. This past summer, we saw unbearably hot temperatures and dry conditions added to by all sorts of fires and storms. Now in […]

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A visit to the Doo-Dadd Company comic

10 Ways How Not to Meet Your Labeling Deadline

1. Leave your labels to the very last minute.Focus on designing and producing your product. The labels don’t cost much and aren’t critical…. YET! 2. Do you even know how many labels you want? Manufacturing is building your product as we speak. Do you know what you are going to do with it when it comes off […]

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GHS warning symbols

Warning Labels – What Is It With Our Love Of Acronyms?!

I’m sure some of you are familiar with texting acronyms such as: ILY, TTYL, LOL, OBV, BRB, G2G… but do you know what GHS means? No it doesn’t mean “Good Hearted Soul,” but it could. The acronym we’re talking about refers to the “Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals.” This is a […]

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