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Rolls of assorted white blank labels

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Black TSC printer printing labels

Getting Good Print Results with Direct Thermal

PROBLEM: Barcodes printed on Direct Thermal label material are not supposed to look at bright and vivid as those printed with ribbons on Thermal Transfer media. If they do, then more than likely you are applying too much heat to give them the super dark look you like. Unfortunately, by cranking up the heat, the […]

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Graphic of a barcode scanner

How Do Barcode Scanners Really Work?

You have probably seen scanners at work “reading” barcodes. We know that some form of intelligent understanding takes place as a flashing red light passes over a barcode. But what is really going on? The purpose of a barcode scanner is to scan or read a barcode symbol and then provide an electrical output to […]

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black label printer printing reusable barcoded labels

Proper Care of Your Printhead

With appropriate care and routine maintenance, the life of your printhead (for direct thermal or thermal transfer printers) can be greatly extended. It’s important to think of printheads as replaceable consumables, just like labels and printing ribbons. However, a printhead is actually the most important part of your printer. It is also the most delicate […]

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Wound in or wound out diagram

Printing Ribbons CSI vs. CSO – What Does That Mean?

  When you place an order for printing ribbons, we will ask you what printer model you are using and whether the ribbon is coated side in (CSI) or coated side out (CSO). This refers to how the printing ribbon comes off the roll and feeds through a printer. Printers like Zebra and TSC use […]

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Black TSC printer printing labels

TSC vs. Zebra: A Rivalry in Excellence

When you hear the word Zebra, it’s logical to bring up an image of a black and white striped horse-like creature. But in the barcode and labeling industry, when one refers to Zebra, they are talking about Zebra Technologies, an industry leader in label printing equipment. Zebra Technologies has been in the barcode and labeling […]

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Hands installing label material into a label printer

Label Printing: Troubleshooting Tips & Tricks

Print quality is one of most common complaints we encounter in the label business. Many times, only minor adjustments are needed and so we will begin a series of articles aimed at providing you some printing guidance. Problem: Thermal Labels have poor print quality and the image is too light, faded or missing print

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Black TSC printer printing labels

TSC Printers: A Budget-Friendly Way to Barcode

In homage to one of company’s slogans―”We Make Barcoding Easy”―we are excited to introduce EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE additions to our label printer family. And when we say “affordable” we are talking prices that will knock your socks off! But don’t let the low prices scare you… we are talking about durable, reliable models made by TSC […]

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graphic of scanners laser beaming each other

The Battle of the Scanners

So you don’t know which scanner you need for your barcode? Well, that is quite a dilemma. But EIM is here to make things a bit easier for you. All you need to know is right here: If you are looking for a hand-held scanner, then there are two dominating technological types to choose from. […]

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thermal transfer printing process diagram

Choosing the Right Printing Ribbon for Your Lab

So, you’ve graduated to the big leagues ―to the pinnacle of label printing―into the world of thermal transfer printing? Your laboratory labeling challenges have exceeded the capabilities of the lowly laser printer and even the constrictions of direct thermal printing, eh? You need really durable labels—these other technologies will simply not do the job. While […]

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assortment of black colored ribbon rolls

Much Ado About Ink – Ribbons

So, you’ve graduated to the big leagues, to the pinnacle of label printing in the form of thermal transfer printing? Your challenges have exceeded the capabilities of the lowly laser printer and even the constrictions of direct thermal printing, eh? While you totally get the strengths and specifications of a thermal transfer printer, you may […]

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