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Label Expert Juan Fishing

Meet the Label Experts – Juan

“I think the fact that we don’t have an automated phone system, and anyone that calls is getting a human on the other side is a big reason our customers keep coming back to us,” says Product Manager Juan Munoz. “We pride ourselves on our fast response to not only sales inquiries, but to quality issues […]

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Meet Mary

Meet the Label Experts – Mary

You might think with a skill level as high as Mary’s that she’s never far away from her desk. But she’s not afraid to leave the comfort of home. In fact, Mary jets off to at least one domestic and several international adventures every year. As an archaeology buff, she prides herself in having soaked […]

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How Will Barcodes Work in My Laboratory?

Your inventory data is sacred; it should never be adjusted or compromised in order to fit in a barcode. Nonetheless, variables like surface area and number of characters in your data can influence the way they’re applied to your samples and equipment. That’s why we ask questions first before preparing your order; ensuring barcodes are the […]

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Scan Barcode

Why Should I Scan My Barcodes Before I Buy Them?

Are you sending us barcodes to print? We generally advise all of our customers to scan their proofs! Some customers have trouble properly scanning and approving their barcodes before placing an order, causing some mix up between the specifications and what we create. Don’t worry, there’s an easy solution and plenty of ways to do […]

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Circle Code

Early Barcodes – A Brief History of How Barcodes Changed Our Lives

There may be a misconception that the retail UPC barcode was the very first “barcode.” Actually, the FIRST BARCODE SYMBOLOGY was round and wasn’t officially called a barcode when it was first invented. It looked like a bull’s eye target because it was a series of concentric circles designed to be scanned from any direction; […]

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Barcode Diagram

PDF417 Barcodes

PDF417 is one of the four most popular two dimensional barcodes to be developed; it was created in 1992 by Symbol Technologies, a leading manufacturer of barcode scanners at the time.  (The other three common 2D codes are QR Code, DataMatrix and MaxiCode; there were several others developed between 1988 and 1995 but they just […]

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Interleaved 2 of 5

The Interleaved 2 of 5 barcode is often an overlooked and yet important symbology used in the shipping and warehouse industries. Typically it is printed in low density to make it easy to scan or “read,” but it really is a high-density, numbers-only barcode developed in 1972 by David Allais, a leader in barcode design and […]

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quiet zone

Why are Quiet Zones So Important?

Here is another use for that #2 pencil… by just using a pencil you can test to see if your barcodes are accurate enough to be scanned properly! First off, what is a Quiet Zone? This is a blank area or margin on either end of a lineal barcode (such as Code 39 and Code […]

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2D Barcode

Don’t Hesitate – It’s Time to 2D

2D, or not 2D, that is the question— Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer The Slings and Arrows of outdated linear Or to take arms against a sea of bars, And by opposing thus end them? 2D, to 1D— No more; and by 2D to say we end The problems and the thousand […]

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Behind the Bars

All the technology we are so utterly surrounded by these days can still be as unfamiliar to us as a language we have never heard before. Barcodes, for example – we all see them every day whether we are aware of it or not. They are everywhere, but DID YOU KNOW there are many different […]

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