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Color coded and numbered labels

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Asset labels with barcodes and various colors for color coding labels

Color Coding Labels – Pick a Hue That Suits You

Color Coding labels for easy Identification The visual search task is a common chore that humans engage in every day. Humans initially employed visual search to ensure survival. Our color vision has evolved in order to facilitate visual search. That is why color coding programs have been used so often in applications that involve visual […]

Children wearing red shirts and playing trumpets

Instrument Labels – Music and Children: What a Beautiful Sound

Educators recognize that music can help a child’s growth and learning by developing a solid range of cognitive skills. With as little as one year of music training, it has been found that general intelligence can be improved thanks to the concentration required to listen to, memorize and play music. It’s really interesting to think […]

hand placing the clear/laminate label on top of the slightly smaller, printed label

Self Laminating Labels – Code-N-Seal®

Our Innovation Team’s Brainchild: Code-N-Seal® Self Laminating Labels! The newest design of “Code-N-Seal®” labels comes from the inspirations of our own Innovation Team, a group of creative co-workers with various backgrounds in production, sales, and marketing. What makes these labels so unique is their “piggyback” format – a term we use in the labeling industry […]

Professional race cars racing down a track

Badge Labels – A Unique Labeling Solution for Racing

“Drivers, start your engines! ONE…. TWO… THREE… and they’re off!” As the sound of hundreds of tires screeching on the hot pavement fills the track, pit crews are eagerly scrambling to their respective positions. Imagine, hundreds of pit crew workers all over the place, vying for their spot amongst the excitement. How on Earth does […]

Bottle ID tag affixed to a sample bottle and example graphic of a Bucket ID tag

Water Survey Labels – Saving our Resources―One Drop at a Time

It is sometimes sad to realize just how much we take for granted in our everyday lives and that a lot of laboratory work involves extensive time and effort to understand the very world about us. For instance―rain water…Plus the need for water survey labels. One of our customers at the State Water Survey, a […]

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