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Wooden Auction Gavel

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Wooden Auction Gavel

Auction House Labels “Going Once…Going Twice…Sold!” – Customer Spotlight:

Understandably, most of EIM’s labels are made to stick to objects for practical applications, like cargo shipments, slot machines, football helmets…wait, nevermind, you can find our labels on anything! So, it’s not surprising that The Label Experts have had their thumbs in many different pies: auction house labels for labeling pieces of fine art is […]

White and blue asset label with barcode and "property of EIM Inc" affixed to a black computer - inventory labels

Inventory Labels Solving Asset Management with Ease

If you’re reading this, you probably know what it’s like when you need to go to the DMV, post office, or another government facility. Sign this, answer that, wait seven weeks, fill this out and send it back. Really? Does sending a pair of socks to your favorite aunt for Christmas have to be so […]

Bat Labels are Helping Your Favorite Players Hit Home Runs

The 2015 Major League Baseball playoffs are underway! We all know what that means: screaming fans behind the diamond, soon to be followed by screaming fans out in the streets (either cheerfully or the not so cheery kind). Whichever team you’re rooting for this season, you may notice some of your favorite players using a […]

White barcoded labels with "State University" and sequential numbering

School Asset Labels – Customer Spotlight

School Asset Labels for Universities One of our higher education customers was ahead of the game this spring when they contacted us for extra tough labels to put on the door frames in all their residence halls, classrooms, student activity centers and maintenance buildings. These door frame labels will be used along with school asset […]

Underwater view of fish swimming above rocks

BS5609 Labels – Exploring the Ocean Depths

Customer Spotlight: BS5609 Labels for Underwater Equipment For a select few curious people we call oceanographers, the ocean is a vast underwater world filled with new discoveries. What types of marine organisms and ecosystems live in the vast oceans that can survive the dark depths of the sea, and haven’t yet been revealed? And what […]

Gold colored high heels with labels

Clothing Labels for Designer Samples – Customer Spotlight

Loaning out fancy designer duds? Better have some barcode clothing labels to keep track of it all! Believe or not, an A-list celebrity was caught red-handed by the paparazzi with barcode labels still stuck to the bottom of her heels at a Red Carpet event! The fact is that celebrities don’t always buy their gowns […]

Automobile with the hood up

Permanent ID Labels

Permanent ID Labels for an Engine Maker What makes a label permanent? Does “permanent” mean a superhero with 10x the strength of a normal human couldn’t pry it off with their enhanced strength? It would be marvelous to have such a label! In this case though, permanent refers to the fact that it is not […]

Leftover Void adhesive from peeled security label on a red fire extinguisher

VOID Labels – Securing the Most Valuable

VOID Labels – Tamper Evidence for Security Many times when we want to add security to an object, we label it. You might find a box of brownies in the break room with a sticky note saying “Stan’s Brownies.” A laptop might have a tamper-evident label detailing the company name, a part number and a […]

Security label sealed sample tubes and a racing horse

Security Labeling in Equestrian Olympic Sports – Customer Spotlight

The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory (VGL) of the School of Veterinary Medicine, is renowned for its precision in animal DNA testing. Their work encompasses a wide amount of animal lineage verification, forensics, genetics and disease research. One of their interesting programs involves DNA drug testing for equestrian sports. Here blood and urine samples are taken to […]

Black pop-up tent with "Vail Mountain Club" and Vail mountain logo with ski slope in the background

Ski Labels – Valet Parking: Customer Spotlight

Ski Labels – Valet Parking for Your Car, Sure! But For Your Skis??? Imagine you are driving up to the formidable Pepi’s Face slope—at one of the foremost ski resorts in America, if not the world—and you are looking forward to a great ski vacation. You get out of your car and a person approaches […]

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