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Labeling Dive Equipment

Rescue Squad in Search of Labels

The Label Experts are always glad to lend a helping hand, whether it be on land or on sea. Recently we were approached by the Township of Hamilton Rescue Squad with a request for a labeling solution to use on their dive team’s gear. The Township of Hamilton Rescue Dive Team is a water rescue […]

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Customer Spotlight: Snowboard Rentals

There are two types of people when the temperature starts to drop during the winter season. The first, are those who prefer to watch the wintry weather in front of a roaring fire accompanied by a mug of hot chocolate. The second, are the adventurous who choose to brave the blizzard conditions to spend some […]

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Old North Church

Customer Spotlight: City Archaeology Department

You’ll be surprised to learn that The Label Experts have a strong interest in history. Particularly, in helping label it. That’s where our collection of archival tags come in. One of our favorite tag customers? An archaeology department. The city archaeology department we work with is responsible for “promoting and preserving the many archaeological resources”. […]

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Property Labels

Asset Labels Solving Inventory Management with Ease

If you’re reading this, you probably know what it’s like when you need to go to the DMV, post office, or another government facility. Sign this, answer that, wait seven weeks, fill this out and send it back. Really? Does sending a pair of socks to your favorite aunt for Christmas have to be so […]

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University labels

Customer Spotlight: School’s Out – No Time to Waste!

Colleges and universities work year round to keep up with a multitude of academic, facility, and student needs. No sooner than one class graduates, then they are preparing for the next school year – rearranging classrooms and study programs, doing repairs, ordering books, cleaning and a whole lot more. Before they know it, the next […]

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Customer Spotlight: Exploring the Ocean Depths

For some people, the ocean is a vast and terrifying place. For others it offers peace and tranquility with gently rolling waves, serene sunrises and stunning sunsets. For a select few curious people we call oceanographers, the ocean is a vast underwater world filled with new discoveries. What types of marine organisms and ecosystems live […]

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shoe label

Customer Spotlight: Digital Designer Labels

Believe or not, an A-list celebrity was caught red-handed by the glorious (?) paparazzi with barcode labels still stuck to the bottom of her heels at a Red Carpet event! The fact is that celebrities do not always buy their gowns and accessories for special occasions. (Sorry if this deflates your image of the rich […]

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car under the hood

Permanent ID Labels

What makes a label permanent? Does it mean that the Wolverine can’t remove it with his claws? Would Iron Man fail to pry it off with his arc reactor enhanced strength? It would be marvelous to have such a label! In this case though, permanent refers to the fact that it is not a removable […]

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void security labels

Securing the Most Valuable

Many times when we want to add security to an object, we label it. You might find a box of brownies in the break room with a sticky note saying “Stan’s Brownies”. A laptop might have a tamper-evident label detailing the company name, a part number and a date of service. One of a kind artwork, […]

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Customer Spotlight: Counterfeit Protection with Plant DNA

If you’re anything like us, you’ve gone through a phase in your life—or several—where you get hooked on the never-ending TV marathons of CSI, Law and Order, Criminal Minds, NCIS… the list goes on and on! And once you’ve entertained your inner desire to be a crime scene detective, you believe you could easily be […]

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Electronic Imaging Materials