BarTender® 2016 – The Best Barcoding Software Gets a Brand New Look

BartenderA new year has arrived, and with it, new updates! EIM is happy to announce our distribution of Seagull Scientific’s BarTender® 2016, the latest version of the world’s most popular label and barcode printing software.

Our customers know—this is the technology we’ve recommended for years as the industry standard for printing on-demand. BarTender® makes creating your own label templates and automating them with a professional design almost effortless, so much so that we even use it in our own printing production. Needless to say, we’re excited to offer continued support for our favorite software, including its newest features.

Some of the biggest additions for BarTender® 2016 include:

BarTender® Integration Builder:  a new tool that enables seamless integration with both simple and complex business operations. This gives users the ability to initiate a print job from a variety of triggers, such as a file entering a folder or an e-mail being sent. Can connect directly to ERP systems with built-in support for many platforms, such as SAP, Oracle, or IBM WebSphere.

Improved Data Entry Forms:  a better method for selecting and managing data records prior to print time. Instead of jumping around to pull the right information to print, these forms allow users to set multiple database links and queries all from the same menu.

BarTender® Print Portal:  a new way for users to print labels directly from a web browser application, including mobile functionality, connectivity over cloud and remote-based services, and a newly designed intuitive interface.

And much, much more. It’s no surprise Seagull cites this as one of the most significant releases in its long lifetime.

For 14 years (!) we’ve been happy to provide BarTender® to thousands of businesses as a powerful printing solution. Don’t forget—EIM offers complete technical support after purchase. Rather than buying from another vendor and fumbling through pages of manuals or trial and error, get your system up and running smoothly and quickly with the Label Experts.

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