Arch Enemies: Packing Tape & Labels

Shipping BoxesAre you finding that your labels are fading on shipping boxes? Chances are this is because (1) you are using direct thermal labels and (2) your packing tape is coming in direct contact with your labels. Fading can happen anytime direct thermal print touches vinyl, shrink wrap or certain adhesives. The plasticizers used in shipping tapes can quickly degrade direct thermal paper – especially ones that are not coated – so the best thing to do is place your labels so they won’t come in contact with any tape. Otherwise ask for a direct thermal label that has a more robust topcoat, known for resisting moisture, oils and other contaminates. It should help slow down the contamination to get you through the shipping process. The final choice is to switch to a thermal transfer label printed with a good ribbon that can provide far better print durability.

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